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Plasma weapons are a type of energy weapon that fire bursts of superheated plasma at enemies. These shots explode on impact after hitting a target, often leaving nothing but a pile of charred remains. The destructive nature of these weapons makes them perfect for dealing with armored targets, but their relatively low rate of fire greatly limits their effectiveness against infantry.

The weapon's fuel is stored in detachable energy cells, which must be handled with great care to prevent malfunction. Should the cells ever become ruptured, the volatile energy contained within will leak out. For this reason, energy cells are often constructed from reinforced materials.

Despite the immense firepower that plasma weapons provide, they do have a fatal flaw. Firing a plasma weapon for too long will cause it to overheat and explode, grievously wounding or often outright killing the wielder. To counteract this issue, most users fire plasma weapons in controlled bursts, giving them time to cool off before firing the next volley.

Types of Plasma Weapons

Plasma Rifle

Plasma rifles are potent anti-armor weapons used by specialist infantry units. These weapons are capable of vaporizing heavy infantry or blowing a hole clean through an enemy tank with ease.

Plasma Pistol

Plasma pistols are some of the most powerful sidearms in the universe. Despite this, their small energy cells usually only contain enough fuel for around a dozen shots, meaning that the wielder will have to make every shot count.

Plasma Repeater

Plasma repeaters are essentially just double-barreled plasma rifles that fire a hail of plasma bolts at enemies. While they are capable of mowing down even the hardiest of foes, they are prone to overheating much faster than other types of plasma weapons.

Plasma Mortar

Plasma mortars are powerful siege weapons that fire bursts of plasma high into the air before bursting into a number of smaller projectiles, raining down on enemy forces. This makes them useful for hitting targets hiding behind high walls.

Plasma Cannon

Plasma cannons are powerful, vehicle-mounted weapons seen on many armored units across the universe. The heat produced by these weapons is so intense that even being near one as it fires is often a death sentence.

Plasma Decimator

Plasma decimators are superheavy plasma cannons found mounted on starships. The shots fired from these weapons are often more than enough to melt a hole clean through an enemy starship's hull.

Notable Users of Plasma Weapons