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"The Agriworld of Iskadi, is an economic center of trade and food production. It is most notably known for its Xenobiology Centers, the most advanced of the Nation. It is also a special planet for me, since I was born in this world and is where some of my family lives. I have great childhood memories here, playing with my Aldorian, Korkas and other human friends in the fields, right after harvest time. No other Planet is more beautiful to me than this one, my birthplace, to which I'm deeply connected." - Explorer & Scientists, Lisa Martinez.

Plegaria is a *Terran World of the temperate, located in the Satolia System, in Iskadi and in the , in Herschel Space. It is one of the biggest planets of the United Alliance in Iskadi and is the main agricultural center of the region, providing food and some services to the local Galaxy. It has become one of the most important Planets of the United Alliance in Iskadi, due to its strategic and economic importance, surpassing the planet Fildias in economic and trading importance.

The Planet is known as the homeworld of Lisa Martinez. Explorer and Scientist Director of the Exploration Department of the U.A, in charge of mapping and collecting all U.A colonies and planets. It is important producer of food for the Planets of the United Alliance territory in this Galaxy. It has also an important manufacturing sector related to agricultural industry and machinery as well as being an important Xenobiology Center of Research and Education in the United Alliance, holding the biggest Xenobiology University and Research Center in the U.A.

The name of the Planet for the Aldorians is Begaris.


The Planet was settled by colony ships sent from planet Fildias to populate the core center of the Galaxy and secure that space for the United Alliance race of exploration and colonization against the Empire of Mankind, that has control over the other half of the Galaxy

Early settlers came in 52,230 CE and soon, recognized the potential of the planet for agriculture, due to its fertile soil.


Plegaria has three continents: Terodia, Algonis and Iyota. Most of the planet has the same climate, with no ice caps and very rare snow falls throughout the whole planet. Nevertheless, rain is very common in some areas and cold is common in the Northern and southern Hemispheres, with some drier and hotter areas towards the tropics.

The Tatarian Ocean is located between Algoris and Iyota and goes from all the way north to all the way south, the Alidan Ocean is in between Algoris and Terodia to the North while he Korala Ocean lies between Iyota, Terodia and Algoris to the South.

Plegaria Continents name.jpg
  • Terodia: Its the smallest Continent, and is made out of An Island and a Peninsula. The Island is separated through a small canal of water, while the Peninsula is connected to Iyota through an Isthmus of Land. Most of the Population is made of Humans, Aldorians and Korkas.
  • Algoris: Its located in the central north area. Sometimes divided as Northern Algoris and Southern Algoris, it is one of the most populated areas of the Planet, with large fertile lands and fields. Souther Algoris, holds a central somehow large tundric desert, and three small ones in the north, with rocky areas and mountains. The Northern Areas are mostly inhabited by a mix of Aldorians, Korkas and Humans. Some Arati also live in the North. The West is mostly populated by Aldorians and Humans and the South mostly by Humans, Korkas and Aldorians. Murban and Noraki are found on the Lagoons of Algoris and the sea shores.
  • Iyota: Its the Largest continent in the planet, but one of the least populated. It possess large deserts of tundra and rocky cold areas, where most of the Krizik in the planet live, usually in the nearby areas of this deserts. This deserts are two, one in the south and one in the North. This makes the interiori, sparsely populated. Only a small fringe of land, splitting both deserts is somehow inhabited, most notably by Krizik and Koor, alongside Humans. The Eastern coast, located near Terodia is highly populated and fertile, with large lagoons and several Islands. The west is also well populated with several large fertile lands as well, and some important cities lying there. The Lagoons hold large Murban and Noraki populations.
Plegaria Continents map mute.jpg

Population and Society

The Population of the Planet is 40% Human, 23% Aldorian, 15% Korkas, 7% Arati, 5% Noraki, 5% Murban, 2% Krizik, 2% Koor and 1% Other Species.

The colder climate has proven to be very suitable for the Korkas, the Aldorians and the Arati, and Humans have adapted quite well. The Krizik population, due to its needs of hotter and warmer climate, have concentrated themselves in Fildias, rather than Plegaria. Sometimes it is said that Plegaria is the Aldorian center of Iskadi, while Fildias is the Krizik Center of it. However, Humans still make the majority in both planets. Some Krizik, live in the Warm dry areas of the Equator, but they are rather few.

The Arati population is the Largest in Iskadi, due to them being fewer in size than other species they have barely colonized in Iskadi. They have mostly remained in Plegaria, the U.A most important Cold Planet. Fildias is too warm for them.

The Local Korkas population has been increasing notably since their civilization and its worlds joined the U.A, and since they are native to Iskadi, they are close to Plegaria, making an important size of the Planets population. It is said that by 230 000 CE, The Korkas will surpass slightly the Aldorians as the second most popular species in the Planet.