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Plokeon is a high-mass binary in the Florathel Galaxy, comprised of a Wolf-Rayet star and a Slash star. The system has been in existence for around a million years, and is perhaps best known for the heavy consumption of its energy, as the two stars together shine with the power of nearly 6.75 million suns. The dyson sphere surrounding this binary system is similar to that found orbiting Treana.

Plokeon is located in a small Strömgren sphere, measuring around 11 light years across, quite small for one surrounding such a luminous star.


The binary system is perhaps one of the most massive and energetic binaries in the galaxy, residing in the outer arms, where massive stars are somewhat more common than in the core. Furthermore, Plokeon itself is also special as it contains a Wolf-Rayet star, and there are only 876 in the entire galaxy. The other star is also special. It is a Slash star, in the process of becoming a Wolf-Rayet star, and these are even rarer. Plokeon A is also the hottest WNh star in the Florathel Galaxy, at a temperature of 58800 K.

The extreme luminosity of this binary has attracted massive corporate presence in the form of dyson swarms. There are many layers of these surrounding the system, all trying to get the last scraps of energy radiating from the two blue suns.

This system has often been compared to the similar Treana system. While they are quite similar, they reside on opposite sides of the Florathel Galaxy. A more realistic comparison would be the binary star WR 21a in the Via Aylathiya.

Civilization at Plokeon

Plokeon is the site of the second largest SICTIRIAD station in the Florathel Galaxy. It was constructed as a unified effort between the United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy and the Theocracy of Yaztas, and serves as a neutral system, for all species to use. Plokeon is also the site of what seems to be a massive abandoned dyson swarm, and research is ongoing. It is likely that this dyson swarm was originally built by the Providence Union, over a billion years ago.