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Pluons are an energy based species from the neutron star VNS-1 in the Viana Cluster


Pluons are energy based lifeforms, their outer bodies being comprised of neutronium and are theorized to have a core made of an as of yet unknown substance.

They seem feed off the energy emitted by neutron stars, hence why they inhabit them.

Reproduction is done asexually by budding and are very similar to common bacteria in terms of behavior.

How they came to be remains a mystery since its generally thought that life can't naturally evolve, yet alone survive on a star. They have been found on 3 other neutron stars around the Viana Cluster as well although their population on VNS-1 is higher than the others, suggesting that they were either, somehow transported to the different ones or they all evolved similarly to each other.


They were discovered in 4125, inhabiting the neutron star which was later known as VNS-1. Some of them were found in orbit around the star, seeming to have flung off somehow. Despite this, they are able to survive in the vacuum of space and in almost any other environment.

Pluons are quite hard to study as they will die if taken away from a neutron star after a certain amount of time. Theoretically, a single Pluon could power a spaceship or nearly an entire city however this would be cruelty and the idea of such has been outlawed.