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Its a Human nation, located in the Lewis Galaxy. It was founded after the Nobility War by escaped Nobles and its followers in the year 33,956 CE. They settled in the planet Gish and split themselves from the Empire of Mankind, forming a new independent Nation. Refusing the figure of the Emperor that had brought them into exile, they decided to form a Plutocracy made of the most important Nobles. A Council of Nobles would rule the new nation from now on.

This nation expanded very slowly, and thus was formed out of just a bit more than a couple of dozen inhabited planets and a thousand systems on its early days. The Main jewel of the nation its is capital, the Planet Gish, that holds 15% of the nation's total population.

The nation supported the pretender Larissa to its claim to the Empire, although didn't mingle too much in the war and its support was mostly indirect. After sometime, the nation took Hannakon, the pretender to the Imperial throne and supported its claims, in order to be given forgiveness and be reintegrated into the Empire of Mankind and given back its privileges. Hannakon had promised to give them the roles of the rebellious nobles that had fought against him. Most of this wars were lost by the Plutocracy and thus, Hannakon claimed faint away, being its descendant largely mixed with the noble houses within the Plutocracy.

The Nation saw a big change after the Relative War's with the Empire of Mankind on its basis. All those wars ended with a big economic, social and political decadence in the Nation. Absolutism was complete in the Plutocracy and citizens had little power or choice. Many had thus emigrated back to the Empire of Mankind, and later to other nations.

The Nobility was defeated in the year 98,406 CE by a local revolt, and was transformed into a mega corporation ruled by a council of rich bourgeoisie of merchants, bankers and traders who had united during the revolution to overthrow the nobility.

The High Council building, seat of power of the Plutocracy. Nowadays holds the Assembly.

The was formed by a High Council of Nobles made of the main Noble Families. The nobles vote on every single issue of the state, and several nobles are elected every five years to rule the council alongside ten members that form the ministry.

After the revolution, the High Council was dissolved and changed by an Assembly formed of the most wealthy individuals in the Nation.

Today the main seat of power is simply called as The Assembly and sometimes nicknamed as "the Guild", by many.

Society and Population

The population of the plutocracy was back in the days of the Nobility clearly divided into social classes. The Common people, the Rich and the Nobility. The Culture of the Plutocracy is very much influence by the Empire of Mankind. Its similarities in culture also come from the fact that the Plutocracy originated as well from the Empire.

The Flag of the Plutocracy until the Revolution, when it was slightly changed to suit the new nation.

  • Prior to the Revolution

The Common people have been always recognised by their poor conditions and quality of living, mere serfs of the noble Houses that ruled the nation. Most are descendant from the supporting populations of the nobles during the Nobility wars of the Empire of Mankind that escape the repercussions of the Emperor for Noble's supporters. Others were forcibly taken by the nobles with themselves to the new nation when they lost the war. Since then, they were involved in a cold war with the Empire of Mankind until the revolution.

The Rich are common people that had advance in the nation and make their own wealth. They represented a small but important part of the population. After the revolution they came in power of the nation, transforming it into an increasing merchant republic.

The Nobles Houses are the most powerful and rich in the nation, having the highest fortunes and living the most hedonistic and luxurious lives. This nobility is way different than that of the Empire of Mankind, being way more pretentious and less productive. This has led to milenia of stagnation and emigration of the common people from the Plutocracy to other states. The inactivity of the Noble Houses has led to this situation. Expansion of the borders of the nation have also been halted and the nation has since been surrounded by its galactic neighbors. That's the reason it has still remained small.

The Plutocracy is formed by many systems and colonized planets. But of them, 12 hold more than a third of the country's population, being nominally called "The Big Dozen" or "The Plutocratic Nucleus". Each of this 12 planets is controlled by one of the 12 Noble Families, and this planets are their home planet, the seat of the noble house and the source of their wealth.

  • After the Revolution

The Poor Citizens are those citizens that are living the worst conditions. Most of them used to serve as slaves or serves under the Nobles and now have been unable to adapt to the new situation, or have due to fate, fall into poverty.

The Medium Citizens are all the common working citizens and have been the most benefited of all from the revolution, acquiring wealth and better standard of living. They have increasingly improving in all aspects of society.

The Rich Citizens are all the wealthy members of the society that could revoke the power of the nobles by a coup and have set themselves in power. Since they ran businesses they profit from a society that has some degree of wealth and can buy them their products or work for them to produce, so the situation has improved with a surprising economic boom in the nation that has put the plutocracy at similar levels with the Empire of Mankind and other nations. But expansion posibilities have been greatly reduce and the efforts of the nation are now set in banking and becoming a megacorporation.