Poratus is a large ecumenopolis, which is located in the Ochya-Baros Federation of Eqeyun (OBFE), residing relatively close to the spiral of Eqeyun and near the borders of the Snuatzia-Shington Interstellar Communal Systems (SSICS) and the Economic States of Saw-Yos (ESSY). As it stands, Poratus is the capital of the OBFE, and remains as one of the few major 'ecumenopolis' worlds or city worlds. Poratus is also regarded as the industrial capital of the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations (CUEN), and is regarded as one of the most inhabited objects in the Local Universe. It is a high standing member of the Commonwealth Intergalactic Council of Worlds and as such is marked with its major status.

Poratus is renowned for its status as an engineering and industrial powerhouse, which produces a large amount of regional goods. It also noted for its very high quality of life in ratio to its population, with many essential services and goods being sold for low or free prices. The heavy level of symbolism, tourism, travel, and population is what has brought this world to such fame in a relatively quick span of time.

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