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The Poreltids are an intelligent species native to the world of Artaclate. They are incredibly difficult to classify, as their physiology is unique in all the universe. They are among the most powerful species in the Florathel Galaxy and the UNFG and account for a staggering 7% of the population of the entire galaxy. Due to their prevalence, much of the modern history of the galaxy has been affected by members of the species as they have held many positions of power and authority.

The Poreltids are famed for being naturally smart, and are sometimes compared to a computer. For them, technology is a sign of prosperity, and they always work to improve that which they have access to.



The Poreltids have a rather unique physical appearance when compared to other sapient species of Florathel. Each individual is composed of thousands of independently maneuverable units that each have a specific function. Each of these units takes the appearance of an antlike creature that is brown, black, dark red, or gray in color, although the ones positioned inside the "body" can look different. Because of this structure, they can rapidly morph into different shapes, and it is very difficult to compose a portrait of one.

Nervous System

The Poreltids have a very unique nervous system. The "brain" of a Poreltid is spread throughout all of the units that make up its form. This makes a Poreltid very resilient against physical attack, but it opens up a challenge in communicating between different sections of the brain. This is done by sending short-range radio signals between the units, which fade out before they get very far.

Respiratory System

Generally, each unit breathes through its "skin", where capillaries directly collect the oxygen from the air. Very simple, very reliable.

Digestive System

Because of the "modular" nature of the Poreltid physiology, this becomes much more complicated. The most common method of feeding involves individual units sucking up the small airborne creatures which saturated the air on Artaclate and digesting them. However, where these are lacking, a Poreltid can consume much larger things by essentially acting like an amoeba and engulfing the food item. Then, the units who form the interior surface of the "stomach" begin secreting mucus and digestive juices to digest the meal as a more normal physiology would. Then the nutrients are passed around to all the units that make up the body of the Poreltid.

Reproductive System

Poreltids reproduce asexually. Every so often, a Poreltid can choose to detach a unit from their control, essentially making that unit a new Poreltid. However, as a single unit is nowhere near enough to achieve sentience, this unit must divide via a mechanism rather similar to binary fission back to the levels required to achieve sentience in a group.

Using the same mechanism of division, a Poreltid can produce more units to replace those that are lost.


Poreltids are among the most populous species in the Florathel Galaxy. Roughly half of their population is concentrated within the Marakat Interstellar Union, particularly in the regions surrounding Perol, Artaclate, and Vea. Roughly 1/3 of the Poreltid population is situated in the nations bordering the MIU, especially Moktosha, the Frolira-Tuar Interstellar Commune, and the Queendom of Tancred. The remaining sixth of the species is spread across the galaxy and its satellites.


Poreltid culture is very diverse. However, most societies share a common thread of industriousness, which is part of the reason why places like Artaclate are so developed on its surface. Poreltids are also generally more peaceful then other species, able to broker treaties with their neighbors. This has made their primary nation, the Marakat Interstellar Union, among the most diverse in the universe. They also have a focus on science, which has helped advance the technology of the Florathel Galaxy has a whole.


Unlike most species, the Poreltids have lacked the urge to believe in things that they do not have scientific evidence for. As such, very few of them have ever belonged to a religion.


Poreltid languages are incredibly strange compared to most languages. They do not even use sound as such, and are essentially an expansion of the method by which units of an individual communicate to form a mind. As such, translation is incredibly difficult to other languages and usually requires machines.