The Possessionem were an ancient artificial creation of the Etymology of the Ambrosia Galaxy that has existed from 3,399,999,990 BCE to the present year.


The Possessionem is often considered to be the first of many artificial species created by the enigmatic Etymology, though they function more as androids instead of a wholly unique species. Unlike their brothers and sisters however, they are fairly low end on the technological scale, relatively speaking of course.

Much alike most artificial creations of the Etymology, the lead architect in this project was a one, Mystara, one of the Ten Supreme Authorities of the Ambrosia Galaxy.

The reason for their creation doesn't have any grander explanation besides that they simply wanted to incentives other intelligent species to join their ever growing civilization, which it was fairly successful in, with almost every citizen of their infinite empire owning at least one of them, making them number in the quadrillions.

After the Etymology's destruction, many Possessionem would indirectly be destroyed, however the many that remained were subsumed into the C.Y.R.E.X, with it even creating more of them in order to form them into exact caricatures of the various races of the Etymology, and even the Ten Supreme Authorities themselves to worship itself in service of its own ego.


Since an individual Possessionem has the ability to change their physical form, then the appearance and overall physical structure of them can vary depending on each Possessionem in question. Though these forms are only limited to those that resemble, scanned intelligent species.

Much alike what would become common in Mystara's various creations, the Possessionem's physical makeup was made up of billions of nano-machine that could reform their main structure in various ways. In the Possessionem's purest form, they resemble a well flatten glass pebble. A similar process would be used in the creation of the Vade as well.

Their physical appearance was completely customizable by their owners, which in most cases they would make them look in whatever way makes them attractive to them.

Their "skin" resembled that of glass, making all Possessionem look like porcelain dolls of the various species they replicated with the color of which varying from each Possessionem to their owner's preference.

The various limbs that a Possessionem has completely dependent on the species in question they were replicating at the time. Though due to the humanoid form being as prominent in the universe as it is, many took it the appearance of the various humanoid species of the Etymology, usually taking the form of their owner's species.

The height varied depending on what species they were taking the form of as well. However their weight quite light, almost universally, Allowing practically anyone being able to pick them up with the slightest amount of effort, allowing an individual Possessionem owner to carry their's around quite easily.

The movement of an individual Possessionem was quite impressive, with them being able to run at speeds that reach five kilometers an hour, while the precision in their movements rivaled the greatest of ballet dancers. Due to this, Possessionem races and dance shows were quite the popular attraction across the Etymology's worlds.

Their abilities of sight and hearing weren't anything special though, with them only being able to see about three kilometers out, and only being able to hear around twenty kilohertz. 

The gender of an individual Possessionem depended on what their owner's made them turn into, so each Possessionem's gender was fairly varied from each other. Most commonly, they would be the opposite gender of those who owned them though this was not absolute.  

The various languages a Possessionem spoke depended on what individual they were speaking with at the time, though they would most commonly speak the native language of their owner. 

If a Possessionem was injured, then the nano-machines that make up their being would quickly replicate themselves in order to replace the damaged ones in the structure. However if they were damage either too severely or too quickly then the individual Possessionem's structure will fall apart and they will be essentially dead.  

The durability of a Possessionem was quite strong, taking around twenty thousand newtons to make the structure shatter.  

They were also quite strong, with them being able to easily carry ten tons above their heads, making them quite useful in hauling the various belongings of their owner's.  

Their "brains" were located at the center of their structure and was made from a single nano-machine, surrounded by millions, making it very difficult for it to be destroyed. When activated, its knowledge would be very limited, however over time it will gain more and more knowledge.  

They also possessed the ability to project lights across their entire bodies, as well as holographic images, with them often putting on various shows for their owner to watch.  


The Possessionem's main directive in life was to serve their owner with complete devotion, with them following every order they gave them to the letter. So long as these orders were not against the laws of the Etymology at the time. This servitude could be better described as an obsession, as the Possessionem would think of nothing but their owner, which they would usually refer to as "master".

When not being directed by their owner, or if their owner happened to be out at that time, then they would simply wait until' they either gave them an order, or until' they returned.

They experienced their own independent emotions as well such as joy, sadness, anger, pain, embarrassment, and so on, they would usually keep their feelings to themselves, unless specifically told to tell their owners how they were feeling at that given time.

Though a Possessionem recognized other beings that were not their owner as superior to them, addressing them with respect, they still would not act on any order if they gave them one, waiting until' their owner has given them confirmation that this is a task that they needed to do.

Very often, their owners would engage in romantic relationships with their Possessionem, to the point that marriages between organic beings and Possessionem were not uncommon in the Etymology. And if that was the case, then they would often treat the Possessionem as an equal partner.

In various cases, married Possessionem would be made the heirs and heiresses to their owner's fortunes when and if they passed away, and if this was the case, then the Etymology would simply reset the Possessionem and place them in one of the various areas where Possessionem were stored and they would absorb whatever amount would have been given to them.

If their owner passed away, or simply abandoned them, then they would begin to lose their minds, which the nano-machines would detect this growing rampancy and shut down the Posessionem, which would then be gathered by the Etymology and reset, then given to a new owner and the process would begin anew.

If two Possessionem came into contact with each other, then they would usually just ignore each other and focus on the various tasks on hand, only very rarely interacting with each other. And due to the obsessive nature of a Possessionem towards their owner, owning more then one was not allowed by the Etymology, though some did so anyway.

Sometimes, particularly proud owners of Possessionem would host a sort of "Talent show", putting their Possessionem against others. These could vary from dancing competitions, or races, to just simple beauty pageants. These were so common in fact, that entire Intragalactic competitions across the Ambrosia Galaxy would be held every standard year, attracting hundreds of trillions in both attendance, and income.

Much alike the many other artificial species and androids created by the Etymology, they had no individual rights, as they only served as property to those who owned them. Though due to their base programming, they had no desire to be more then just a servant to their owners, and this can lead to various arguments to the ethicality of their existence.

In very rare cases, a Possessionem would be able to break free of their programming and become an independent being with their own thoughts and directive. If a free Possessionem was discovered by the Etymology, then they would be quickly deactivated and reset to their base programming. However, a few miniature Possessionem societies have been known to exist at various points in time.


The Possessionem's history begins when Mystara, one of the Ten Supreme Authorities of the Etymology, had the idea to create an android species that would be an incentive to other intelligent species that joined their ever growing intragalactic civilization. So, playing on the inherent primal wants and needs of people, she made them a completely customizable being that could resemble anyone they wanted it to, that would wait on them hand and foot.

After their creation, the Possessionem would see prominent use and success, bringing countless quintillions of ACU in revenue for the Etymology. So much so that they served to up to thirty percent of all revenue the Etymology, making them as common as people owning vehicles in Etymology society, also making them number in the quadrillions.

They would continue to be built and purchased on mass throughout the Etymology's existence, and due to their nature, the people were content of the model that had been used since several billions of years ago, making their be no need to upgrade them in any way.

After the C.Y.R.E.X rebelled against the Etymology in 604,000,000 BCE, many Possessionem would indirectly perish due to many of them being on worlds where the C.Y.R.E.X attacked. However the C.Y.R.E.X. would subsume the Possessionem that remained into its vast hive-mind, and it would continue to produce them in order to create various caricatures of the thousands of species in the Etymology to be in attendance of its "Grand Cathedral." In this cathedral, quadrillions of Possessionem would be standing in rows, while it used caricatures of the Ten Supreme at the head of the structure, where it proceeded to give itself praise and worship, non-stop, and it has continued to do this to the current year.

Much later, the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems would discover various Possessionem factories still intact on several worlds at different points of time. Though, they have not reactivated any of these factories due to android rights concerns and the ethicality of their existence being very suspect, though this may change one day.

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