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The Primordial Singularity, also known as the Creator, is a highly anomalous entity of pure Miriandynus Energy that rests in the heart of the Palioxis Starfield, powering and sustaining the entire plane. In it's default inert state, the Primordial Singularity takes the appearance of a perfect sphere coated by an unusually thick layer of Phantom Matter. This coating casts the Primordial Singularity with the appearance of the cosmos and nebulae nearby, while uncommonly reflecting some of the farthest places of the plane. While the inert state is the most prevalent, the Primordial Singularity has five additional distinct states, some of which are highly hazardous to any matter and others of which are truly breathtaking.

Many technologically advanced species like the Veen have worshipped the Primordial Singularity in the past, believing it to be the sole reason for their existence, or for the existence of anything whatsoever. These species have single-handedly started a religion that has spread throughout the whole plane, This religion has spread throughout the entire plane, and has over two septillion followers of more than a hundred thousand species as of this millennium.

Everything within the Palioxis Starfield is gravitationally tethered to the Primordial Singularity, similarly to a conventional supermassive black hole at the heart of a galaxy. All celestial bodies orbit this entity of unimaginable power like stars orbit the center of a galaxy, and as a result, the Primordial Singularity united the entire plane, serving as the plane's fundamental core of it.


In its inert state, the Primordial Singularity can extend up to ten light-years in length, though it can exhibit dimensions that are many of times smaller or greater than the default scale in the blooming state. The Primordial Singularity's appearance is most frequently defined as a 'perfect' sphere reflecting numerous cosmic locations on the plane. Only the inert condition of the Primordial Singularity, in which it is most usually viewed, fulfills this characterization. It takes on the appearance of a smooth orb of pure electricity in its blooming form, with shifting hue and coloration, and very rarely size, though this is minimal.

While charging, the Creator tends to resemble a giant sphere of plasma in every shape and form, seen disintegrating and absorbing the nearby stellar objects. The most notable distinctions of appearance only tend to manifest when in it's erupting state. The most remarkable features of this state are its increased scale, which generally extends a tenfold or more, and its coloration, which takes on an orange hue while erupting, which is not observed in any other state. During this state, the Creator also has an external coating of orange Miriandynus Energy, with many thunderbolt-like charges of Miriandynus Energy interconnecting the outer shell to the underlying Primordial Singularity.


The Primordial Singularity certainly holds a great amount of power, so much that nothing in existence is physically able to outrank it, or even come close to doing it. Theoretically, capturing a quarter of a percent of its total energy output can ascend a nation to unimaginable power and advancement, surpassing all nations that have ever existed, or will exist. In its inert state, the Primordial Singularity can emit seven trillion yottajoules each minute, whereas in its erupting state, it can produce seven septillion times more.


The Palioxis Starfield is affected by the Primordial Singularity in numerous ways. The most notable of these aspects is that it essentially powers/sustains the entire plane, as the plane would cease to exist without it. The second most prominent effects are the orbital and gravitational anomalies, which are a huge part of the Palioxis Starfield. Many remarkable vistas within the plane are accomplished by these strange phenomena, such as the plane's unique groupings of worlds orbiting their parent star impossibly close to each other.

Thaumaturgic Effects

The Primordial Singularity is heavily linked to the mysteries of a common form of Thaumaturgy known as Psychokinesis. The Primordial Singularity significantly amplifies any Psychokinetic powers in the Palioxis Starfield. This increased strength of Psychokinesis is based on the distance to the Primordial Singularity, as any Magi directly next to the Primordial Singularity has the newfound ability to possess powers that cannot be outmatched by any other Psion. Even the strongest Magi in the universe might be outmatched by a Psion with a low Ψ level that is near the Primordial Singularity, while a Magi with the maximum Ψ level is practically considered a god.


Many careful research studies of the Primordial Singularity have revealed that it is an unique entity capable of sentience, rather than a monotonous mass of Miriandynus Energy and Phantom Matter. The Creator's level of intelligence is exceedingly high compared to any other sapient lifeform, able to give clear answers to many given questions. In terms of personality, the Primordial Singularity has remained unusually calm when communicated with, and clearly demonstrates a lack of any fundamental emotions, acting on what it calls the 'will of the forces'.

Successful communication with the Primordial Singularity has been only achieved once in the modern days. This event occurred during 2,502 APD, and is now known as the Discussions of Primordia. The communication was executed by some of the most advanced translators and synthesizers to achieve an hour long conversation.


While the Primordial Singularity is incompletely defined, it can manifest itself in a number of distinct 'states.' These states are given a distinct threat rating in the form of a number. The highest number, 10, is the most deadly, while the lowest number, 1, is the safest. There are four known states, which are inert, blooming, charging, and erupting.

Image Name Description Threat Rating
Primordial Singularity I.png
Inert The inert state of the Primordial Singularity is referred to as the most common one of them all. The inert state is also the safest one, possessing no great danger to one within the vicinity of the Primordial Singularity. In its inert state, the Primordial Singularity has a spherical appearance, reflecting many unique points of cosmos in the Palioxis Starfield. 1
Primordial Singularity Blooming.jpg
Blooming -Can only manifest directly after the charging state

-Blooms and fluctuates in size and color

Primordial Singularity Charging.png
Charging -Devouring nearby stellar objects to add to it's mass

-Disintegrates any matter close to it

Primordial Singularity Erupting.jpg
Erupting The erupting state is one of the two states that can occur directly after the charging state of the Primordial Singularity. In the erupting state of the Primordial Singularity, it is the most hazardous, as it covers the nearby space in Miriandynic Matter, heavily heating any metals to the point of boiling in mere seconds. Besides that, the Primordial Singularity expands tenfold, as does its luminance and brightness. An outer layer of Miriandynus Energy also tends to manifest, extending many thousand light-years outward from the Creator, connected to it in thunderbolt-like charges of Miriandynus Energy. 10


While even the most advanced Palioxian societies have been unable to uncover the Primordial Singularity's true origins, a few fragments of its past have been revealed as a consequence of millennia of continuous and careful examination. Its presumed source is strongly linked to realspace, and it is assumed to have manifested there at the birth of the universe, when everything was still pure nothingness. According to a few outlandish hypotheses, the Primordial Singularity is the materialistic embodiment of the Cosmic Primordia. Another hypothesis claims that the Primordial Singularity forged the entire universe, all of its planes of reality, and everything that has ever been and will ever be within it, though this is unlikely.