Standard Europa submarine, used in Prometheus 1, 2 and 3.

Prometheus was a mission for exploring the Kya, the first sentient species humanity discovered. It was formed by ESA, NASA and ISRO. Prometheus 1 started in 2036, sending 8 astronauts into orbit on Europa.

Prometheus 1

Daniel, a portuguese astronaut was the first man to walk on Europa. After three days in the surface of Europa, the ship send the Submarine inside European oceans. After one day exploring Europa, they discovered the Kya. Which, Daniel called "big headed whale".

They didn't know at first how to communicate to the Kya, the astronauts only observed them at first.

They brought a dead Kya skeleton they found on the deep oceans to the research lab, it was a breakthrough on exobiology.

Prometheus 2

After three months, Prometheus 2 was launched with more modules for studying the Kya, it arrived after three years of travel. It carried 13 scientists and more modules to start colonizing Europa, they studied the anatomy of the Kya and communicated using the Xeno language.

Prometheus 3

The last mission of Prometheus to Europa, in 2165, after the invention of the Warp Drive they started terraforming with the help of Terragen. The Kya agreed with the terraforming of the planet, and humans and Kyas share the same world until this date.

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