The Protectorate is a galaxy spanning government located within the Black Eye Galaxy.

Type of Government

Formed in 83,000 CE after the founding of the second Human colony in the Black Eye Galaxy, the Protectorate was established after careful debate among the colonists in regards to the native sentient species of the galaxy. The Black Eye Galaxy was an enigma, as there was no sign of any ancient starfaring civilization that may have arisen. Plus, the current intelligent life within the galaxy had not even reached the stars. In response, the colonists formed the Tenebrae Pact, which in short bound the humans of the galaxy to keep watch over the natives and to make sure that they managed to reach their own space age. As of 100,000 CE, no natives have become capable of even the most simple of Warp Drives, but few are closing in.

The Protectorate established rules among its own citizens as well, borrowing from many different past human and non-human civilizations to form the current galaxy spanning government. The Protectorate welcomes all species and belief systems, with certain provisos, one major one being no sacrificing of sapient species. 

The central seat of government is located on the planet Ishtar, the first planet colonized by the Morningstar Colonization Mission. Located in the capital city of Ishtaria, the government is run by a three branch system, just like the ancient United States. When the legislative branch, composed of one senator for each member world, attempts to pass a law, they must send the law to the exectutive branch, which consists of a governing council, one from each type of Human. There they can either veto the decision or pass it. Either way, the proposal makes its way to the judicial, known as the High Court. They can determine whether or not the proposed law goes against the Tenebrae Pact or whether the veto goes against the Pact. 

The Protectorate has a decent sized navy and border patrols. They also have established the BEEA, or Black Eye Exploration Agency, a large government funded program whose mission is to explore the galaxy in search of any sign of starfaring civilizations, past or present. 

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