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The Providence Union is a massive civilization that ruled over the majority of the Florathel Galaxy and its satellites roughly two billion years ago. This civilization was the last time a native civilization united the Florathel Galaxy.


The Providence Union comprised many hundreds of species all throughout the Florathel Galaxy, a significant fraction of which no longer exist. The government was heavily centralized, and held a relatively unstable grasp on the outer reaches of the galaxy. Because of this, and poor treatment of the "lesser species" in those regions, there were many huge rebellions, most of which were brutally crushed. The Union fell to ruin from overstretching itself at least nine times, but there were always some worlds hidden in the deep core that remained loyal (that's our best explanation), and brought the Union back to its former power.

However, the final fall of the Providence Union was brought about by a vast, well-hidden organized rebellion, which placed closed Penrose Spheres around all black holes they knew of, eventually triggering vast explosions which toppled the entire Providence Union all at once. (most likely)


Not much is known about the government of the Providence Union except that it was likely some sort of great machine intelligence. This is not preserved in the Glanadi Archives.


Some more things are known about the military of the Providence Union. It seems to have been composed of huge swarms of tiny fighters, which we have found in the deep abandoned cities of Glanadi. This unique arrangement allowed for huge versatility and a lot of cool looking maneuvers, which allowed them to defeat their opponents a lot more often.

Notable Member Species

The Providence Union was home to many member species, only some of which we have information about. This list is subject to change as we uncover more information.

  • Revareans (native name unknown)
  • Nerae
  • Corvelmar
  • Kardan
  • Other Species, presumably


The United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy has conducted many expeditions in the Providence Neutral Zone, which have found vast ruins spread across the surface of many planets in the Central Providence Cluster, including Revarea, Glanadi, and many many others. Glanadi seems to have been a military base, as the large cities hidden under the ice have kilometers-deep hangars filled with abandoned fighters, which seem to have cockpits with room for a roughly Carlean-sized object, which informs us that at least one species was that large.

They have also found similar hidden bases in thousands of interstellar asteroids, which shows that the Providence Union apparently has a massive military. Other things they've discovered include massive kilometers-long skeleton-looking spacecrafts, either floating abandoned in space, or landed in the hidden bases, apparently designed to carry the drones.

On the planet of Glanadi, likely one of their major worlds, there exists a massive computer bank with a huge amount of information on it, ranging from planet names to historical events. Nothing on government though, strangely enough, although that's likely in the portion of the database that has corrupted over the 1.5 billion years it's been sitting around on Glanadi.