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Psinus Majora is a terrestrial Planet in the Florathel Galaxy, located at the furthermost fringes of the Virozic Republic immediately before a wide, sparse star field which separates the Republic from the Kormin Empire.

While the planet supports complex life, intelligent life have not managed to develop on the planet yet. However, it is populated by settlers from the Republic, and the planet acts as the capital of one of its outermost sectors.

In the recent few years, the Kormin Empire has begun disputing the sovereignty of the Republic over the sector, making minor claims across the region although no military action have been conducted by either side as the Forever War is much more intensified in other locations.


Psinus Majora is a planet teeming with life, from tiny cells to vast swimming creatures. Psinus Majora has almost no land other than the vast, uninhabitable ice sheet on the night side of the planet, so there are many floating cities on the surface of the water. Psinus Majora is extremely old, with life evolving multiple times on the planet. At least one of these, roughly seven billion years ago, managed to colonize at least the nearby solar systems, and possibly a lot more, given that a huge number of megastructures seemed to pop up at almost exactly the time this era of life evolved to intelligence.

Because of this, Psinus Majora is a heavily studied and very mysterious world, and scientists have gleaned much from studying the structures on and around it. It is a major world of the Virozic Republic, and the Kormin Empire as attempted to conquer it many times.

The planet was not always as it appears today. When it formed, it probably contained much less water, with large areas of land showing. However, a shower of comets impacted the planet sometime between the Fall of the Providence Union and the present day, depositing a large amount of water on the planet, covering all but the highest mountains on the day side of the planet. The night-side ice cap similarly thickened.

It is hypothesized to have been a somewhat major world in the Lareas Alliance, but no one's entirely sure due to the scantiness of evidence from that time period.


Psinus Majora is located in the center of the Talusi Sector, a region of the Outer Paleas Arm which is the largest and most sparsely populated sector of the Virozic Republic.

This area of space is not particularly interesting, other than that it seems to be filled with a high level of very, very old megastructures, most of which are over 7.5 billion years old. This means that the only thing that really could have built them is the Lareas Alliance, so these are one of the few remaining artefacts from their time. This means that the Talusi Sector, especially the inner portions, are heavily studied by scientists from everywhere except the other three warring nations.


Psinus Majora was formed almost twelve billion years ago, before almost every other known planet. When it formed, the galaxy was awash with high-mass stars and radiation, and there was no life on its surface until it cooled down over a billion years later. The planet's life was in a primordial state until roughly eight billion years ago, when it rapidly evolved into intelligence (probably), which built megastructures on its two dwarf moons. However, this intelligence seems to have been killed off a tad over seven billion years ago, and things continued on as before.

After this blip, Psinus Majora remained primordial for over six billion years after, only evolving complex life ~1 billion years ago. This life evolved much slower, and has not reached intelligence to date. Relatively recently, this world was colonized by the Union of Narenna before the Forever War, but as the war started, the space which would become the Virozic Republic, which included Psinus Majora, seceded from the Union. However, they still took part in the War after the Kormin Empire attempted to take control of the Talusi Sector, where Psinus Majora is located. Today, Psinus Majora is largely unaffected by the warfare, as the Talusi Sector is large and many of the key targets are in the outskirts.


Psinus Majora experiences a relatively predictable climate, with temperature mostly uniformly decreasing from the subsolar point, at ~40 degrees C, to the edge of the night-side ice cap. This monotony is caused by the total lack of landmasses which could change weather patterns, with roughly 11% of the day side sticking up above the surface of the water in the form of scattered islands. Near the terminator, more things begin to stick up above the water, with the vast majority of the population living here.

From the terminator, temperature rapidly drops below freezing, and ice begins to pile up, reaching up to three kilometers thick at the anti-subsolar point. However, some mountains poke up above the ice near the terminator. Almost nothing can live on the night side, with temperatures as low as 100 Kelvin at the "midnight point".

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