The official intergalactic symbol for Psychokinesis.

Psychokinesis is an extremely rare ability of sapient individuals to bend the laws of physics in various ways. The ability manifests itself in a myriad of ways including sensory enhancement, the ability to manipulate the position or energies of objects, the reorganization of particles, or, rarely, the ability to manifest energy directly without it being connected to a physical object. Across space, Psychokinesis is known by many names such as Magic, Sorcery, Mysticism, Fragments of Creation, and so on.

Though Psychokinesis is the widely used in the majority of nations, much of it is still shrouded in mystery. The exact nature and extent of psychokinetic abilities vary from person to person, but there are a few commonalities across the known universe. Despite its strange and seemingly anomalous nature, psychokinesis is fairly well understood across the local universe and most abilities can be described with equations just as other branches of physics can be. Ironically, it stands as one of the culturally shared things for many species across the universe, as many species can use it as a symbol of brotherhood between other foreign species and themselves.

Hence why many define "sapience" as having some, usually limited, connection to the ability.

The few individuals capable of using the ability on a macroscopic level are commonly referred to as "Magi", or colloquially known as "Psions." These individuals typically make up less than a billionth of the population of any given species. The power of a Magi is defined by the variable "Ψ" (psi). A higher Ψ associated with an individual means more psychokinetic ability or prowess.

This score can change throughout one's life as one gains experience. However, higher Ψ scores cause the accuracy of the equations to breakdown. The abilities of the most powerful psychokinetics are still undefinable despite millennia of research. Some theorize that equations based on a mathematical system devised by sapient beings cannot ever describe these more powerful Ψ levels.

One of the most notable side-effects of Psychokinesis is the  strain psychokinetic abilities put on an individual. This usually shortens the average lifespan of their respective species by sixty percent. Psychokinesis wears down at an individual's conscience. No technology or hypothetical technology can negate this effect. Even when every single atom is accounted for, the individual will die in relatively short order. The extent of this varies depending on the individual in question, as a handful of species have been known to be exempt from this rule.

However, individuals of a species that do not have their lifespans negatively affected by psychokinetic abilities seem to only be able to use a few basic psychokinetic abilities, as they are specifically evolved with these abilities as part of their biology, which seems to prevent the development of other psychokinetic abilities. Even so, there appear to be notable exceptions to this common rule. Individuals such as Vurilia Jiutopati and Moonmoon appear to be able to defy this rule entirely, with a rich level of psychokinetic abilities combined with a long lifespan. Only several individuals are known to be exempt from the basic age rule of psychokinesis, and they are typically referred to as some of the most powerful psionic individuals.


Psychokinetic abilities are increased with use, similar to any muscle. The more a psychokinetic uses their abilities, the greater their abilities become. As a result, any psychokinetic could theoretically unlock fantastical abilities with no limits to speak of, however, it is estimated that it would take millions of years to master these abilities. Millions of years that few individuals in the history of the universe have ever had access to.

For ease of use, "codes" are paired with using the ability. Like any language, each code signifies a different concept, analogous to the "spells" seen in fiction. These are by no means necessary, as understanding the concepts is all that is required to use psychokinesis. Occasionally, gestures are used in conjunction with the codes to facilitate understanding by the individual. The codes and gestures, to someone who has not learned them carry no meaning on their own and only serve to aid learning.

Due to how prevalent psychokinesis is in the local universe, several large intragalactic entities across the known space have held the abilities it provides as the cornerstone of their civilization and societies. These include the Cosmic Commonwealth of the Magocracy of the Verpletter Galaxy, the Holy Legion of the Vibrant-Dawn of the Ambrosia Galaxy, the Aldorian Nations, the Union, some individuals in the remaining Lewis Nations ( the Empire of Mankind, the Intergalactic Federation, and the United Alliance) and certain member civilizations of large intergalactic superpowers.

The Aeterna Caligne

The Aeterna Caligne is a region of space heavily associated with Psychokinesis as a whole. It is theorized to be a "natural consequence" of the existence of sapience in the universe, suggesting a uniqueness to sapient matter compared to other matter.

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