The Puontari Hive is a genetically engineered hive mind and Ambrosian Thavmaphage, administered and intentionally spread by the Quintet Puontari Federations during the War of the Ancients, and byThe Paragons of the Burning Crown after the War of the Ancients. It is classified by the Anomalous Object Repository as a High-Level threat to almost all life in the Aylothn-Sagittaria Group, considering its versatile and powerful abilities which it possesses. First sighted in the 91600s CE, the Puontari Hive has since grown and assimilated numerous star systems, creating a sizable interstellar nation made up of hosts to the Puontari Hive. The Puontari Hive even contains its own space force, comprised of self-created and assimilated star ships.

The Puontari Hive functions in a form of assimilation and expansion. The abilities of its assimilation are also very broad, as it has the ability to be compatible to almost any species, and even mechanical storage spaces and processing power. This has made the Puontari Hive peculiarly dangerous, as numerous safeguards may be circumvented in large instances of the Puontari Hive. It is also very resistant physically, being able to withstand extremely cold temperatures and high-energy events. However, it appears that the Puontari Hive is rather vulnerable when high temperatures breach its thick orange membrane.

Currently, the combined defense forces of the Commonwealth and QPF is enough to keep the Puontari Hive in a fixed position, which is most densely oriented in the Zalanthium Galaxy. However, the Puontari Hive has constantly developed on itself, often breaching the designated CUEN-QPF containment/quarantine zones. This has been often circumvented as both nations have learned more about the Puontari Hive.


Other than its remarkable resistance to numerous events, the Puontari Hive also contains unique abilities, which are expressed in many forms. Its first and most notable ability is the mass assimilation which the Puontari Hive can do to numerous species and even to artificial intelligence. The Puontari Hive grows stronger as it gains more intellect, with the largest groups being almost impossible to take down.

The Puontari Hive also has a major capacity for targeting planets in the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations and the Quintet Puontari Federations, where most of the attacks involving the Puontari Hive exist. The Puontari Hive has also learned and assimilated numerous personnel from both nations, which has allowed it to rapidly spread between colonies and cause large amounts of turmoil across the Aylothn-Sagittaria Group.

The War of the Ancients
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