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"We are the Purples, the Psions, the most able Mages or Sorcerers, even witches as some people call us; members of the Sisterhood of Kryso. We study the unknown, the uncertain, the mysterious power. We are able to use this forces to serve the people and the Human race for further prosperity and progress. We use our powers to fight enemies who threat that, to foster colonization and exploration of the empty void of space and its wonders, and to study further the extend and posibilities of the Psionic powers we were given". - Asara Redino

The Branch is one of the 12 Branches of the Sisterhood of Kryso, an Order native to the Union, one of the Lewis Nations. It's Sisterhood headquarters as a whole are located in Kryso, but those of the Purple Branch are located in the Planet Arkoma and Ishin. In this world, they are in charge of training new members of this women-only Order. This branch is often called "the Psychics" or "the Explorers"

Leader of High Rank, Asara Redino, from the Purple Branch of the Sisterhood of Kryso.

This branch focus itself in the psychic potential of humanity, preserving the knowledge it has given the species, for eternity and future generations. Its main goal is to save what humanity has accomplished for the Universe to see in case the race goes extinct, the civilization on it's current stage of advancement collapse to a more primitive one or is swallowed by a foreign power. Nevertheless it is also their duty to save that information for future generations of Humans.

They are centered towards the exoteric fields such as the Psychokinesis abilities that they dominate. They are always powerful psychics. Sometimes even the most powerful among the sisterhood. They dedicate themselves to pursue a life of training and study on their field of expertise.

For such tasks, they are often required to follow the Path of Awakening. They arent focused on a Path as members of this branch can have followed any of the available paths. The most common however being though the Path of the Seer. They center themselves in the teaching of this fields and the study of them. However, this is not their only purpose.

Those that follow the Path of Dexterity within this branch dedicate themselves to explortation and colonization efforts. They are drawn to use their abilities to foster humanity's greatness (alongside peaceful cohabitation with Xeno-life) and are often employed in the frontier of unknown space. Those who follow the Path of the Warrior are used in times of War as Pyschic powerful elite warriors while in peacetimes they may help the Black and Red Branches in their chase of fugitives and criminals. However, most of this branch is based on studies, and have a deep knowledge of the parasite and the unknown of the cosmos. They can often used foresight to "see" the future.


The Purple branch is as it name indicates, dressed in purple. It has all but mantain long purple robes whenever it can. Different tones of purple are used to differenciate between the Psychic warrior elites, the Psychic Dexterity women and those more focused on knowledge. For more confortable missions, they tend to use purple strips or laces attached to their wrists to indicate their status as members of the Sisterhood and the color as indications of the Branch they belong to.

Functions and Powers

The Purplers are highly appreciated and very poweful. This order not only is able to substitute an entire army, but they are capable to predict or "see" possible futures and revise past events (although not able to alter them or see the certain future as it's constantly changing). This gives them extreme advantages and are powerful tools to use. The Sisterhood not only operates in the Union but in other Lewis Nations as well, for all that can pay their price. Specially those grown discontent with the Sisterhood or the Purples, may act on their own will with the knowledge of the Sisterhood in them. Although this is rare.

According to their internal organization they can be clasified in three groups:

  • Explorer's:

The members of the purple who follow the Path of Dexterity or the Path of Senses usually end up here. This order, although similar to the Warriors (and may be used in war if needed) is dedicated to exploration and colonization. They are good at running and strenghten the frontier people in their efforts. They can run from threats of unknown worlds, to have empathy for calamities the colonist of new edge worlds may suffer and to actually study and help with new discoveries in the unknown frontier worlds. They can as well protect the population from any menace they may face from either biology or intelligent life.

  • Elite Psychic Warriors:

Its members have followed the Path of the Warrior and are rrained heavily in resistance and war. They use their mastery of Psychic powers to defend and protect the weak and those who can't in society. They own their loyalty to the Human race and the nation they serve. They know how to materialize their Psychic abilities into actual destructive or protective powers. They are not many but very much demanded by the most powerful and wealthy to serve as bodyguards or protectors, even advisors. The Warriors are so powerful that they could cause as much damage as an entire army.

  • Seers and Thinkers:

The Purples within this subclass almost always follow the Path of Wisdom or the Path of the Seer, sometimes some members may have followed the Path of Senses, but it's less common. This Purples focus more on training others in the Psychokinetic powers, in studying the knowledge of it and explore new ways of using it for the greater good, or to see alternative futures or revise the past seeking knowledge, truths or other things. They are powerful and although almost considered "nuns" or "erudites", they may use their powers to serve a lord or a powerful family that may pay for their services. Sometimes they do so because of a vision that tolds them that was the moment to be and the family to server as the proper thing for positive events to occur.

Psychokinetic abilities

As it is normal, this powers are extensively used by the Purple. They are basically their reason of their existence. Their dominion of them is excellent and many usually focus on one or two but have at least some knowledge in all abilites the Psychic powers can give. Some even may be procifient in all of them.

Controling this powers is mostly trained by the sisterhood from an early age. Those with excellent abilities and powers as Pyschics, the best of the best in this field are directly sent to the Purples for special training. Then according to the Path they follow they are clasified in one or another branch.

Notable people of the Purple Branch

  • Asara Redino
  • Beatrice de Vries
  • Tissaia Brevnov
  • Diana Talbot
  • Anne von Walburg