Purraalaaw is the second major moon of Phellnellaaw, eighth planet of the Ugura System in the Realm of Resonance of the Ambrosia Galaxy. It served as the home world to many life forms, including the Phelcombura.

It was originally a temperate oceanic terra until' the Red Galaxy Event, where it would be turned into a hot D-Class world, before finally being cooled off and become a temperate E-Class world.

"Purraalaw" roughly translated means: "Violet Lord"


Purraalaw is one of the most important worlds to the Ugnara as without it, they would have not advanced to the interstellar age as quickly as they may have otherwise. How it did this would be the ancient Etymology ruins that were strung across the planet, left over from the civilization's destruction. Within these ruins were ancient machines such as space ships with simple warp drives, allowing the Ugnara to spread amongst the stars.

Along with the warp drive, many ancient machines of war were discovered, leading to the Second Ugnarain Civil-War and the changing of the Ugnarian guard from Rinoup Drywiq the Ninetieth, to the Ninety-First, the latter being the one who discovered these aforementioned machines in 10,030 CE.

For most of the moon's history, life was spread across the whole of the moon's once lunar-wide ocean. One of these lifeforms was the: "Phelcombura" an intelligent aquatic serpent species that once had large elaborate underwater structures all across their home world. They would also eventually become discovered by the Etymology in 1,240,634,215 BCE and, once it was ascertained by them that they were intelligent, they would take them into their fold.

Unfortunately however, like all Etymology species, they would face the faithful wrath of the C.Y.R.E.X during the event known as the: "Red Galaxy Event" in 604,000,000 BCE, and Purraalaaw itself would have its oceans evaporate, causing a runaway greenhouse effect and turning it into a hot desert world. Though it would eventually cool down, and thanks to a massive amount of icy comet impacts, it would have oceans flowing on its surface once more.

After the Ugnara Kingdom joined with the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, the Ugnara and the Humans wanted to create a symbolic gesture towards their camaraderie and thus, they opted to terraform and desoform the world of Purraalaaw in a more unique form then most terraformings. They would mold the world into becoming a mirror image to that of their two respective capitals, with half of the planet appearing like that of Urgutu, capital world of the Ugnara, and the other half appearing like that of Haven, capital world of the humans.


The geography of Purraalaaw depends on the era one is referring to. Originally, it was a temperate O-Class world, meaning that it had a moon that extended the entire length of the moon's diameter, leading all the way down to its respective core.

After the Red Galaxy Event, its oceans would of course evaporate and it would become a hot desert world. However, its gravity would attract several icy comets that were passing by its parent planet and it would place them in orbit around it as subsatellites. Like most subsatellites, these would only remain in orbit around it for a brief period of time, and they would crash to the surface. However, these icy comets would cool down the surface of the moon, and would cause massive surface oceans to spread in between the desert landmasses in a way akin to that of continents, but due to the lack of tectonic plates, the moon cannot have continents in the traditional sense.

Later on, the geography of the moon would be changed once more thanks to the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems. They would turn the northern hemisphere of the planet into a desert and tundra that are suitable for Urgutu flora and fauna, while they would turn the landmass of the southern hemisphere into an area that is suitable for Haven-born flora and fauna.

Towards the southernmost hemisphere is one large ocean nicknamed the: "Purralqaya". In this ocean, aquatic fauna native to planet Haven are spread far and wide, as the water is fairly hospitable to those who dwell in the aforementioned planet's oceans. Across this ocean are numerous islands, island chains, and isles also populated with Haven life.


The climate of Purrraalaaw changed along with its geography. During its oceanic period, the moon had a fairly calm calm temperate climate, with low winds and a warm temperature. While during its time as a desert world, it would have extreme wind-speeds, with massive sandstorms dominating massive expanses of the moon's landmass.

Even after it became the temperate Terra world we see today, its wind speeds are still fairly extreme, with hurricanes constantly battering the more temperate regions of the moon, along with the same sandstorms that it had suffered before in the more arid regions, causing those who live their to rely on structures that can protect them from these conditions.

These winds are often influenced by the tidal forces inflicted on the moon by its parent planet as it orbits around it. Throughout most of the moon's local year, the moon is very close to the gas giant, causing it to have a consistent warm temperature. However in the final months of its local year, its irregular orbit places it farther out from the planet's tidal forces, causing the temperature to drop and causing massive winds and hurricanes until' it enters within the tidal force once again.

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