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"Pyreen are simultaneously the most adorable, and intimidating bird I can think of that inhabits Haven. Seeing a nest of baby Pyreen with their attentive mother is some of the most heartwarming sights one can think of. While on the other hand, the massive clouds of Pyreen, with thousands of individual birds can feel like an prelude to some apocalypse."- William Tancard's: Guide to Haven's Glorious Creatures.


The Pyreen are an extremely common species of Aves organisms native to the countless temperate forests spread across the whole of planet Haven. They resemble a mixture of the bird families of Turdus migratorius (robin) and Trochilidae (hummingbird) native to several planets. They are a prey species, often serving as an integral food source for numerous predator species, making the Pyreen a fundamental pillar of any ecosystem they are apart of. They are one of the most common species of bird on Haven, with a global population of around four billion individual birds.

Due to their prominence on Haven, Pyreen's are very famous among the planet's populace, as an individual will typically see several Pyreen birds each day. They are also used as pets very often, with their minimalist upkeep they are favored by many bird keepers.


Pyreen birds resemble your typical Turdus migratorius bird, with their front facing beak, and their two brownish colored eyes on the sides of their small heads. However unlike most Turdus migratorius bird species, the Pyreen fly through flapping their wings forwards and backwards like typical Trochilidae bird species, making them extremely fast when compared to other bird species of their classification, with a typical flying speed of around sixty kilometers an hour.

Like many species of bird, the Pyreen are an omnivorous species, typically feeding on the many leaves of the forests they inhabit, as well as small worm and insect species that inhabit the dirt beneath them. Luckily for them, Pyreen only require a relatively small amount of food to propel themselves, only needing to eat one leaf or insect for the entire day, making each individual Pyreen be able to find adequate amounts of food very easily.

Pyreen birds have a very impressive eye sight, being able to see and subsequently react to things on bound towards them from up to three kilometers away, being able to anticipate would be attackers extremely easily. In fact they are so well adapted to evade danger, that only predator species specifically evolved to be able to catch them are the only ones that can actually use the Pyreen bird as a food source. While they hear with a strange form of echo location, having specially developed feathers designed to detect strange vibrations from nearby trees and the one they are currently standing upon.

A pregnant female Pyreen will typically lay a clutch of around sixty-two individual eggs, taking usually around three standard weeks to hatch, leading to their massive population counts. A Pyreen will remain in the nest with their mother and father for about four standard weeks after their birth, then they will begin to take wing and leave the nest to find their own mate, beginning the cycle anew.

Their bodies are covered in numerous small feathers, with typically each only being the size of a couple centimeters and a single Pyreen having hundreds of them, making the bird appear to have thicker feathers then it actually has. These feathers can have a dazzling array of vibrant colors depending on the breed of Pyreen in question, with some having bright reds, blues, greens and oranges. However most commonly they will typically have a whitish-grey coloring. Typically, male Pyreen will have brighter colors then females, as their feathers serve as their main tool to attract a mate.


Most Pyreen have an inherent behavior of aggression towards other species of birds across Haven, as they often have to compete with them for territory, causing many to attack any other species of bird as soon as they see them, which unfortunately causes them to attack birds that are much larger then themselves, causing many to die rather prematurely as a result. However, they will often also attack in large swarms of several individual Pyreen, engulfing and overrunning the target with sheer number.

They typically live in very temperate areas of Haven, and unlike many species of their like, they do not migrate during the colder months of Haven's standard year. Instead, the Pyreen bird will seemingly hibernate, creating thick nests out of good in salting woods such as twigs created from Haven Oak trees. As they hibernate, their bodies will begin to shut down, entering an odd form of suspended animation, only awaking once the spring months begin to shine through.

Pyreen are extremely social, and it is very rare to find one by its lonesome as Pyreen travel in large groups of hundreds to deter would be attackers. These Pyreen colonies can sometimes hold thousands of individual birds, forming massive clouds of birds moving across the skies and giving off a very intimidating presence to other sky dwelling creatures.

A rather unique trait Pyreen have among other bird species of Haven is their strange marriage-like relationships with those they choose to mate with. Typically, a male and female Pyreen will remain together for their entire natural lifespans, and they will have and raise several clutches of eggs, having about five hundred and fifty-seven individual birds during their lives.