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"We chose this world because it belonged to no one, and no one had an advantage to gain from it. Everyone starts from the same starting point here, and no one reaps an unfair or unequal benefit. Here we all benefit, and here we all share the power. No one is left behind in the Federation, and this world will stand to the testimony of that sentiment. We can all live as one here - We can all live as one anywhere."

Qarshiqar is a Rouge planet, and is a J-Class Gas Giant, and is the overall Factional Capital world of The Commune Federation, located within Verpletter.

It is named after the Oswaihr captain who first made contact with Humans originating from Marx, and served alongside Humans in the war between them and the Vanguard Republic, Kashar (Captain) Qarshiqar Kem-L'Narshire. Though the captain died in the war, their memory is enshrined into fabric of the Federation in the name of it's capital.

It was constructed shortly after the founding of the Commune Federation, after it was decided that no one species should be able to benefit from the politics, trade, and influence that having a capital of the Faction would be able to gain. This left the option of finding an uncharted system and settling a new world. However, this did not account for the various requirements present throughout the member species, such as the Casorians and the Ther'Hakan, who joined the Federation shortly after its founding and before the Capital had been decided. This lead to many thinking that a station may be the best option. The Casorians offered to design a station, which was accepted for consideration by the Federation Council, and they returned with the designs for an orbiting series of stations around a Gas Giant. The design was approved of by many, and thus, a Rouge Planet was chosen for the construction efforts to begin.

Qarshiqar has been converted into what is called a Rungworld - A huge structure that was constructed around it's equator, which holds several thousand O'Neill Cylinders in place in a frame. These cylinders are large in comparison to the size normally found orbiting other worlds within the Federation. Many of these different cylinders have different environments - For example, there is a habitat with a Oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere, which is suitable for Humans, Oswaihr, Esads and Asren-Asheir, which is referred to as the Oxy-Nitro Habitat, and there is a habitat with a Nitrogen Dioxide atmosphere, which is suitable for species like the Ther'Haken, which is refereed to as the Nitro-Dio Habitat. This allows all the various member species of the Federation to live amongst one another in the various habitats.

The world has become arguably the most important, populated, and influential worlds within the Federation. the various jobs and works, and the importance of the world has made it one of the single most powerful worlds within the Federation - A power which no one species can wield to their own exclusive benefit, but instead can be used to the mutual benefit of all member species within the Federation.


Rungworld 2.png

Qarshiqar is a large Gas-Giant world, located in the void of space, with a large distance between it and any local systems. It has had several artificial light sources constructed around it, in order to provide easier visual movement for star-ships around the planet, though these artificial lights can be switched off if the need arises.

The world has a huge structure that is built around the equator of the planet. Between these structures, O'Neill Cylinders are placed. These Cylinders are filled with various environments that the many species of the Commune Federation require to survive in comfort. There are over a thousand of these cylinders connected and working around the planet.

The exterior of the cylinders, and the structures, is devoted mostly to industry - This avoids polluting the environments, and Qarshiqar itself, while also making sure that the region is productive, so it can construct new structures and stations as need be. Much of the resources for this productivity comes from nearby systems. It is also known to export goods for those systems, to assist them in the building up of those systems.

A third structure, which would allow for a new row of cylinders, is in construction. This will allow for trillions of more inhabitants to reside around the planet.


Qarshiqar has a long history due to it's position as the capital of the Federation. There are many stages of history.


Qarshiqar has, for the vast majority of it's existence, been an incredibly unnoticeable to broader history. It has spent the vast majority of it's lifespan as a rouge J-Class planet within Verpletter, barely even acknowledge by the wider universe. It's first real acknowledgement came in 2453VC, when it was first picked up on Commune Federation scanners, and documented accurately. It was subject to a visit by an exploration craft, whom sent back accurate data to the rest of the Federation, though this was it for two more years. It was documented as J-CJ-2343

In 2455VC, there was still an ongoing debate as to where the official capital of the Federation should be. A concern was that if it was placed in an inhabited system, the species native to that system would gain unfair political leverage against other species. Likewise, no matter what world they chose, they were going to run into the issue that some member species, and future species that joined the Federation, weren't going to be able to survive the atmosphere of any settled world. Some projections suggested finding an entire system to make as the Capital, but this was deemed as being too costly and would still not fix all the conceivable issues.

The Casorians proposed their Rungworld Capital world for the Commune Federation to consider. The result was met with enthusiasm by the majority of the other species, and so, plans were made to construct the Rungworld. Due to it's distance from any home systems, J-CJ-2343 was selected to be the site for this construction process.


The construction of the Rungworld of Qarshiqar was a lengthy process, which took place over a course of 50 years. It required a large amount of contributions from all of it's member species, and the settling of nearby star systems in order to acquire the resources needed to construct the structures. This led to multiple species that contributed to the construction of the Rungworld to collectively settle various star systems, such as Balelor, Paren, Galviel and Umeynore.

A great number of space stations were constructed around J-CJ-2343, to allow for monitoring of the construction. One such space Station, Taranok Station, was used as a temporary capital, until the construction was complete.

Construction began in 2450VC, and was completed in 2500VC, taking nearly exactly 50 years.