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44,397 CE - Today

The Queendom of Tancred is a powerful member nation of the UNFG located in the Inner Paleas Arm of the Florathel Galaxy. It borders the Marakat Interstellar Union, the Mankalan Coalition, the Federation of Kaurim, and the Cluelflago Entente. The Queendom of Tancred is partially run by a monarchy, though this is mostly a figurehead with most governing done by Parliament.


The territory of the Queendom of Tancred is fully within the Inner Paleas arm of the Florathel Galaxy. It is split into seven territories, each of which containing a regional capital. Places like the Jatras System (where Zakha is located) and Draikash are administrated separately from the seven territories, and the capital of Tancred is considered to be in a separate territory.



Tancred is the capital of the Queendom of Tancred, and the planet that gave the nation its name. Civilization on this world is over 100 millennia old, and there are endless centuries worth of ancient ruins to study, even on this thriving modern planet. Tancred orbits within the binary Ravres System, the second most populous system of the nation.

After the conclusion of Kalera's War, Tancred was in ruins, and a massive influx of money from the Galactic Bank of Florathel (an institution created by the UNFG) was needed to rebuild. Even today, the rebuilding is not complete.

Major Worlds

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The government of the Queendom of Tancred can generally be split into three parts, described below. The Queendom is so old that a lot of its original government structure exists for unknown reasons, only maintaining themselves on tradition alone.

The Monarchy

The Monarchy of the Queendom of Tancred is a hereditary office that has passed through a single family since the founding of the nation. Whenever the current queen dies or resigns her post, the crown is passed to the closest female relative for Tradition reasons. The queen is generally a figurehead representing the nation, although she does have some powers including vetoing laws passed by Parliament. She never really exercises these powers, though.

Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament make up the legislative branch of the Queendom of Tancred. Parliament is divided into three houses, for each general wealth class. In general, either the House of Workers or House of Commons makes a law and sends it off to the other one, who can veto it if they don't like it. If it gets vetoed, they can suggest changes, which may or may not be implemented for the next pass. This can happen over and over again until both houses like it.

After this, it gets sent to the house of lords who can veto it again and send it back to the two other houses. Once they like it, the queen signs it and then its law. This is mostly a formality. Many people really hate this part and are wishing to abolish it. Unfortunately, any measure to do so would have to pass through the house of lords before it could get rid of the house of lords, making it impossible.

Judicial System

For some reason, there is no "highest court" in the Queendom of Tancred. Rather, if a crime is committed, the list of courts one can appeal to stops at the high court of whatever state the crime took place in. In each state, members of the high court serve seven year terms and are elected in a rotating cycle such that there is an election every year, with the exception of the Tancred Sector where the Queen appoints them in a similar cycle.


Foundation & Expansion

Initial Foreign Relations

Kalera's War

Modern Times