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20,347 BCE - Present


The Quintet Payotari Association (QPA) is a loose federation of states which resides in the Orithyia Sector of Aylothn. It is best known for being one of the oldest nations in the galaxy, originally rising in the 20,000s BCE. The Quintet Payotari Association also has a turbulent history, being stained with many wars through its lifespan. Nevertheless, the Quintet Payotari Association still stands as a powerful nation, revered for its industrial and economic capabilities. The founding species of the Quintet Payotari Association is not necessarily a species, but a widespread myriad of descendants which are identified as the Civesen.

The current capitals of the Quintet Payotari Association are two worlds, Primevia and Vokray. They both stand as important realms to the nation, being centers for some of the most active economies. The Primeval is the area where POLIKY lies. It holds a notable fraction of the QPA's population, as it is a Birch Planet / Penrose Sphere. Vokray is typically regarded as a center for culture, being a very symbolic world to the Quintet Payotari Association. It is one of many worlds taken during the Grand Migration, and acted as the old primary capital for the nation.

Summarized History

The Quintet Payotari Association first formed in the Orithiya, shortly after Sydiah's Paragons destroyed the Septet Alliance (Alliance). Fragments of the government, combined forces of POLIKY formed together to launch the Vault Nexus. Over a period of several decades, the Quintet Payotari Association managed to move its important remains from Orithiya. In the Grand Migration, many planets and vaults were taken to the greater Aylothn Galaxy. However, Sydiah's Paragons followed, though both entities would not see conflict until eons after.

Upon its arrival, the Quintet Payotari Association would elect POLIKY as its leader, as it would be useful for making decisions. The Vault Nexus was laid out and mostly recovered, which helped rebuild the Quintet Payotari Association. Through many years, the nation would rise again, returning to relative normality after several centuries. Defense and development of the empire was prioritized and soon the Quintet Payotari Association became a major force in the Orithyia Sector.

Many years passed with major progress on technology and development. With the Paragons undergoing an age of stasis near the center of Aylothn, the Quintet Payotari Association was safe. Expansion to other star systems would be slow yet fruitful, with a high density of megastructures populating the nation. The regression of Sedrua also helped the development of the QPA, as all major threats were vanquished. In time, other nations rose around the QPA, them being the Free Systems of Hivol, the Lowyzol Federation, and Vaspujian.

Isolationism from other nations was prevalent in the Quintet Payotari Association, as any other major power was distant. While contact was made, it was mellow and not engaged, making the nation relatively muted in affairs. Nevertheless, it was still a strong force, as it held a large influence over Orithiya. The Primeval was also in construction, allowing POLIKY to gain more processing power than it ever had. Millennia of development on the structure warranted it the first few layers, allowing people to reliably live in its confines. It would be the center for national population ever since.

The formation of the Commonwealth and its following conflicts did not effect the Quintet Payotari Association, nor did the arrival of the Thulcandran Federation and Sovereign Provinces of Aylathia nearby. Relations would develop with the Commonwealth, neutral yet engaged in diplomacy. Mass trade would cycle between both entities, giving them both an elevated economy. Aylothn's Totality would be concerning for the Quintet Payotari Association however, and they did manage to play a role in exporting goods to the Commonwealth and others effected. A more detrimental conflict happened soon after, as Beatrix would come to detect and attempt to kill POLIKY. Skirmishes would happen for many years, dwindling in time.

Since then, the Quintet Payotari Association would hold relations to the Confederacy of Borealis, albeit not good ones. The previous assaults from Beatrix did not help, as the Quintet Payotari Association believed the Confederacy to be responsible. Relations would worsen, soon breaking at The Vault's Incident in 88,072 CE. The War of the Ancients would begin thereafter, plunging much of the Local Universe into over 800 years of conflict. The Celestial Plague was unleashed, but contributed to a ceasefire which ended the war. It was mostly sterilized after, but the Quintet Payotari Association would be resented by the Confederacy.

The Commonwealth saw them differently however, as relations improved after many years. After reparations were paid, trade resumed. By the 90,000s, the Commonwealth showed slight cordiality to the Quintet Payotari Association, though the Confederacy still remain distant and hostile. Trade would prove useful to the post-war environment, with reconstruction finishing in the later parts of the millennia. Tension involving Sedrua made relations even closer. It tied the Commonwealth and the Quintet Payotari Association into a military alliance, and influenced positive trade even more. Currently, the Quintet Payotari Association stands in a tense state of political affairs between the Confederacy and Sedrua.


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