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The Quintet Puontari Federation (QPF), (Commonly referred to as the Q.P.F or The Ancients by various groups) is a remarkably ancient military and economic unity of nations, located in the Zalanthium Galaxy on the edge of the Aylothn-Sagittaria Group. Consisting of numerous automatous and semi-governed regions, the Quintet Puontari Federation encompasses a major selection Zalanthium Galaxy, and holds minor territorial outposst in the Ventemir Galaxy, as well as the Ouranir Galaxy. In total, approximately ____ billion star systems are under some kind of QPF influence, with a population of about ____ people under a direct influence. While technically not meeting standards for being a superpower, the QPF is still classified as such in regards to advanced technology, military power, and influence over intergalactic affairs.

The society of the Quintet Puontari Federation is as old as the nation itself, evolving and morphing over many millions of years. The government which resides over it is classified as a federation or republic, with five distinct nations joining together for a common cause. Ever since the founding of the Quintet Puontari Federation, member nations appeared to have seamlessly joined together as one force. This unification concept was thrust forward after The Paragons of the Burning Crown forced the Quintet Puontari Federation out of the Ibeicarro Galaxy, their home cluster.

The economy of the Quintet Puontari Federation is comprised of various imports and exports of technology, in groups of recreational and military. There are also exports of various consumable goods, materials, and numerous starship parts. The biggest trading partner of the Quintet Puontari Federation is the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations, and their trading has strengthened over the years as friendly and cordial diplomacy has become more common.

The current leader of the Quintet Puontari Federation is split between POLIKY, a caretaker and defensive Super Artificial Intelligence, and Bhessel Vhass. Vhass is a representative which has been the figurehead for the Quintet Puontari Federation since 99973 CE, being at the forefront of modern-day diplomacy and progression for the QPF. With POLIKY assuming a massive amount of control of the QPF government, it is apparent that many strategical and well thought-out decisions. These have been made since well before the Quintet Puontari Federation arrived in the Zalanthium Galaxy, in the network of Vaults which they created.


The Quintet Puontari Federation, through its lifespan as a nation, has held influence over various distant areas. As of the modern day, the Quintet Puontari Federation exists primarily in the Zalanthium Galaxy. This means that there are areas which go near Commonwealth territory on numerous occasions. Various federally-owned embassy worlds in different galaxies also border other nations like the Confederacy. There also exist some extensive areas of influence in the Ouranir Galaxy, which were set after the War of the Ancients.

In the entirety of the Quintet Puontari Federation, there exist millions of developed star systems and a large array of advanced megastructures, which dot the various galactic claims and provide them with much-needed resources. There also exist a vast number of SICTIRIAD bubble gateways and numerous wormhole / FTL lanes which connect dense areas and stretch off to more rural hinterlands. In the more rural areas, outposts, police, and sections of the defense system exist to enforce interstellar claims across the nation. Federal land and classified areas also exist, which hide from the public in one of the most discrete ways possible.

Member Nations


Aprax Interstellar Collective Systems

Union of Ewahaia

Stroique-Lyuponov Syndicate

Asha-Lok-Sawas Syndicate

Major Worlds

Population Demographic


The Quintet Puontari Federation, due to its size, wealth, and technological prowess, has been able to maintain a strong military presence throughout its area. This extensive fleet consists of millions of starships, including numerous space stations and many organized fleets, which are created by corporations or by the government. POLIKY has a massive influence over the military of the Quintet Puontari Federation, especially since the War of the Ancients when they fought the Confederacy of Borealis following The Vault's Incident.

Mostly comprised of advanced and autonomous drone forces, the people of the Quintet Puontari Federation are kept protected by a combination of automated defenses and biological soldiers. Drones which may work for the military are not only required for defense, but also for the defense of mining operations and construction projects. The drones are also used for labor on the surfaces of colonial worlds and in the depths of spacecraft and other constructs.

Quintet Starfleet

The bulkier sections of the QPFs space force, often referred to as the Quintet Starfleet, is a vast selection of millions of starships, each equipped with subsections of POLIKY. Many of these are lightly staffed as a result of automation in the military, and the people which are present in the Quintet Starfleet entirely consist of androids or cybernetically enhanced personnel. The rather advanced technology of the Quintet Puontari Federation also thrusts the Quintet Starfleet as a supreme force in its area. As a result, its numerous claims have been backed up and enforced by its tough and intimidating nature.

As previously mentioned, drones of various forms and sizes make up the Quintet Starfleet, in a massive network of defensive and offensive automata. Drones are usually small in size, as they have been programmed with a mentality of swarming in packs. However, larger drones can be as large as a smaller starship, and can be used as picket ships or for tougher defensive lines. In the drone system, POLIKY assumes almost all control, but this can be bypassed by the federal government in the case of emergency scenarios.

The Quintet Starfleet is also managed by various generals of command, which are heavily affiliated with the QPF. Some of these happen to be core segments of POLIKY, which oversee and command numerous areas of the military, such as the drone forces. Generals also enforce claims through the rural and unpopulated regions of the QPF, usually around industrial areas or any kind of outpost. The lanes which traverse these areas are also fitted with heavy defensive material, as well as light but effective weaponry.

Vault Nexus

One of its most outstanding features, the Quintet Puontari Federation has held a massive array of Vaults, which have served the people and countless personnel ever since the First Migration. Being improved upon until the Third Migration, these vaults have stood as a symbol of protection and servitude for over a million years. The most recent selection of vaults, dubbed the Vault Nexus, was forged before the Third Migration and was subsequently improved upon before and after the War of the Ancients. As of the modern-day, the Vault Nexus of the Quintet Puontari Federation stores numerous classified artifacts, and improves on known ones such as the Eternal Battery, The Hummer, and more dangerous and enigmatic weapons of war such as the Essence of the Ancients. The Vault Nexus has also been repurposed as a series of space stations, which dot the territories near important colonies and at the ends of numerous FTL lanes. Most notably, several Vaults may be seen at a time near SICTIRIAD bubble generators.

Various Megastructures

Not only being a form of harvesting energy and collecting resources, the megastructures of the Quintet Puontari Federation are often weaponized for defensive purposes. These can also exist in the form of one of the largest ships available, which are worldships, shelled out for storage, large amounts of space for machinery, and for the capability of massive weapons. Intricate defense systems are also placed on the surfaces of wordships, as well as aforementioned megastructures. The most advanced military-affiliated megastructure which is being constructed is the small Birch Planet around the supermassive black hole of the Zalanthium Galaxy.


Personnel, while mostly automated and controlled by various POLIKY and Federal forces, is a key part to the QPF military, as numerous jobs and services are ran by personnel, which include pilots, navigators, technicians, engineers, and artificial intelligence specialists. These major groups have contributed their massive part to the QPF military, and is usually seen present in the times which lack conflict. Personnel are most often seen around various starships, though many can be located on the surfaces of numerous worlds and in government-affiliated areas. Much like the rest of the military, personnel are usually androids or enhanced with machinery, in order to make them viable in the modern-day.

Police Force

The Quintet Puontari Federation, being a nation focused on the defense of the people, has a massive police network which helps secure urban and rural areas. Usually, police is seen patrolling across numerous populated planets, as well as enforcing interstellar claims throughout the entirety of the Quintet Puontari Federation. These law enforcers are mostly seen using normal protection and defensive equipment, though they may also carry some more elusive and expensive equipment used by the military. They are usually heavily armored as well, especially in zones which are near sits of the Celestial Plague or high-crime areas.

Much of the police force is non-biological, and ran by POLIKY, as well as the greater QPF government. This means that tasks employed by the police departments are usually executed with drone forces or androids. This has been in action before the founding of the Quintet Puontari Federation, as a standard for non-biased and more humane treatment of suspects and criminals. The satisfactory police and heavy amount of securement of areas has lowered crime all across the Quintet Puontari Federation, making it one of the safest nations in the area.


The government of the Quintet Puontari Federation is very solid and satisfactory to residents, as a result of millions of years of reformation. As technology has plateaued over the eons of its existence, the Quintet Puontari Federation has more or less focused on internal development. The numerous governments of the Quintet Puontari Federation also influence each other, which have settled the QPF to a stable government.

The government holds several distinct councils of individuals, combined with various instances of POLIKY, which make up the various branches and departments. The upper government is usually influenced by POLIKY as well, and new laws and reforms usually pass through individuals before being overseen by the current leaders of all five nations and POLIKY. With POLIKY being near the top, it has major influence over the say of the QPF as well.


The history of the Quintet Puontari Federation is stretched to the date of their birth, over 138,000 years ago in an isolated galactic object known as the Ibeicarro Galaxy. Ever since its origin, the Quintet Puontari Federation has changed and reformed numerous times, with numerous progenitor nations evolving into what the Quintet Puontari Federation is today. The long existence of the Quintet Puontari Federation has been swayed by the member nations, which have since come closer together than ever in the span of time which the Quintet Puontari Federation has existed for. It is known that the Quintet Puontari Federation formed from an ancient alliance, known as the Septet Alliance of Free Aligned Nations, to help with cohesion and protection of remaining nations after the First Recreator Conflicts.

In recent history, the Quintet Puontari Federation arrived in the Zalanthium Galaxy, was forced into the War of the Ancients, rediscovered The Paragons of the Burning Crown, and initiated in post-war diplomacy with the CUEN and the CoB. Involvement with the Intergalactic Council has also increased, as has trade almost everywhere in the vicinity of the Quintet Puontari Federation. A heightened level of reformation have also been achieved. However, ever since The Exhumation, the Quintet Puonatri Federation realized that Sedrua may have been responsible for starting the War of the Ancients, causing them to gain a tense view on Sedrua and the CUEN as a whole.

Major Events

Major events have appeared deep in the history of the Quintet Puontari Federation, being most prominent in its revolutionary and modern-day years. The age of the Quintet Puontari Federation has also contributed to this, as unrest and unlikely events have happened as well. A list of many major events pertaining to the Quintet Puontari Federation are below:


Before Common Era

The Quintet Puontari Federation first spawned with the advent of tyranny in the heart of the Ibeicarro Galaxy, a fledging and small spiral galaxy, connected by a network of wormholes and FTL lanes of some type. As corruption took a rise in the Ibeicarro Galaxy, seven large nations banded together against a loose but powerful group of extremists which would be known as The Paragons of the Burning Crown. This new alliance, known as the Septet Alliance of Aligned Free Nations (SAFAN), would form the basis for what would become the Quintet Puontari Federation. The SAFAN, holding countless sapient species and a sea of stars under its influence, united under one common goal, which was freedom and liberation, as well as security and ample military power.

With this in mind, the Septet Alliance of Aligned Free Nations fought the Paragons of the Burning Crown for the first time, which began the First Recreator Conflicts. This culminated in a series of wars and destabilization, which left both sides in near turmoil by the end of it. This would not be the end of the Quintet Puontari Federation and the Paragons of the Burning Crown warring with each other, though, as many more bouts of conflict appeared and fizzled over many millennia. Slowly, both forces grew to become the dominant forces the Ibeicarro Galaxy.

After this point, the Paragons of the Burning Crown, tired of the Quintet Puontari Federation, initiated the largest attack in the history of the Ibeicarro Galaxy, which sent QPF forces into deep turmoil. This is the conflict which led to The First Migration, an event in which numerous QPF-affiliated spacecraft left the Ibeicarro Galaxy, severely dwindling their numbers and causing them to start over in a new area.


The name "Quintet Puontari Federation" derives from the five major entities which reside in the borders. The word 'Puontari' is a heavily used word in the nation, which roughly stands for 'Freedom' or 'Liberation'.

The War of the Ancients
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