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Raea is the primary star of the Cnara System. There used to be a large system around Raea when it was in the main sequence, but when it transformed into a red giant, it swallowed most of the planets except the outer planet of Cerlore. A small kuiper belt surrounds the star.


Raea was formed as an F-type main sequence star around 6 billion years ago from a long since dissipated nebula. Like most stars, it was surrounded by a protoplanetary disk in its early days, which began to form planets. However, once Raea reached the end of the main sequence, it expanded into a red giant, swallowing all planets except the outer planet Cerlore.

Predicted future

Raea will soon blow out a planetary nebula and leave behind a blue subdwarf, which will relatively quickly shrink down to a white dwarf.


  • Cerlore // hot gas supergiant
    • Scab // a massive moon partially covered in lava.
    • Horus // an average sized moon, also covered in lava.
    • Flame // large moon, again covered in lava.

Orbital Infrastructure

Raea is the site of the Raea STB Station, a SICTIRIAD station with the interesting characteristic of being the closest station to any homeworld. Its construction was facilitated by partially disasssembling Cerlore's moon Scab to construct a starlifting mechanism and a dyson swarm.