(This will be reworked in the near future. But until' then, it'll be non-canon)

The Rainbow-Eyed Ones is the term referring to intelligent species that have had their consciousnesses controlled and given autonomy over their actions by the Omnius-Arcus in the Ambrosia Galaxy. The first *known* instance of a Rainbow-Eyed One coming into existence was in 99,990 CE.


The Rainbow-Eyed Ones are hard to explain, as one cannot exactly pinpoint many exact facts about them, however a few certainties are known.

One: is that all of them have been mind controlled in a specific way by the Omnius-Arcus, an artificial species created by the Etymology. However unlike most individuals under the influence of the Omnius-Arcus, those who become Rainbow-Eyed Ones have autonomy in their actions, allowing them to move and speak freely.

Two: However much alike those who are mind controlled by the Omnius-Arcus, those who are controlled need to have their minds re-infiltrated by the Omnius-Arcus every standard hour. Thanks to technology provided by a one, Eris Lakvan however, this was made much easier.

Three: is that all of them will have their respective eye color(s) replaceable with the famous rainbow-coloring shared by the Ommius-Arcus itself. This does not apply if the species of the individual lacks eyes, and or is missing their eyes.

Four: is that all of them have completely devotion to the Omnius-Arcus entity, with them willing to do anything that the Omnius-Arcus wanted them to do. This has made them into very effective servants for the aforementioned entity,

The most prominent and lucrative moment in their history would be during the Love Lord Conflict, wherein almost the entirety of the Ambrosia Alliance of United System's population would become Rainbow-Eyed Ones. This lasted from 100,000 CE to 100,030 CE.

However thanks to the actions of the three respective individuals, the Ringvarite, Peccati Reus, and the Last Remaining Vade, all those who become Rainbow-Eyed Ones have been reverted back to their original states, however small pockets of Rainbow-Eyed Ones are known to exist.

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