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The Raivo are an Species, native to the Planet Retoria. It is a peculiar species as it has evolved on low gravity on the Rings of a Gas Giant. They evolved from a previous species, known as the Proto-Raivo species, brought to the Rings of Retoria by the ancient Telusian Civilization as slave workers. This led them to having to live under low gravity for millennia, which led to the species rapidly adapting to the hard environment they had been set in.

The Proto-Raivo are speculated to have been a native species of Kandrakar, although conclusive studies are not definitive yet. The original species that gave birth to the Raivo has, however, go extinct alongside the Telusians.

The Raivo species has expanded successfully all over the Intergalactic Federation since they joined in the 55 000s. They have expanded to many ring systems all over Federal Territory and beyond, as they have migrated as well in large numbers to the United Alliance. Here they can be found in many of the Alliance territories, most notably in asteroid belts, rings or domes. They can be found too in Kreon, in special gravity low domes.


The History of the species stars in Kandrakar, with the Proto-Raivo species. It is believed they had a large Civilization in the Planet on an early space era. When the Telusians arrived, they conquered the world of Kandrakar and took it to themselves, naming it Ri'bau. It then became very wealthy and important for the Telusians, and several temples and large cities arose. The Proto-Raivo were enslaved entirely as a species and scattered all over Telusian space. Remains of Raivo Species have been found all over the Telusian Group, in every Galaxy of the Cluster. However, most of the species remain in the Heiron System, and large amounts of Proto-Raivo were sent to work the mines of Retoria and Zerun as well as harvesting the Tissanda Flower in Retoria Rings.

With the Fall of the Telusian Civilization, great slave revolts arose in Retoria and Zerun, and after the destruction of Kandrakar, that led to the Telusians definitely out of the Heiron system, left the Raivo on their own. They kept evolving, and while the Proto-Raivo on Zerun went extinct, the Proto-Raivo on Retoria survived and adapted the leftovers of the Telusian civilization to themselves to adapt to the Rings of Retoria even more.

After expanding in the Rings of Retoria, and technological evolution of the Raivo civilization, they started to explore and expand over the system, colonizing the rings of Zerun and then much later the rings of Kandrakar. Here, they met with the recent Humans who had arrived to the System, to settled in Kandrakar. This led to peace talks and negotiations with the Federation which led to their final integration into it.

After incorporating themselves in the Federation, they expanded to other systems in the federal territories. Most notably to Domes, Asteroids and Planetary Rings, as they were perfectly suited for such environments. However in low gravity planets and moons, the Raivo also settled. Due to the migration accords between Federal and the United Alliance, most notably the later having a rather open border policy, many Raivo moved to the United Alliance territory in large numbers. Today up to a third of the Raivo total population is located within the United Alliance.


The Raivo are a species evolved from the Proto-Ravis on low gravity. This has led to massive biological changes in the biology of the species. The Raivo are thin and have long limbs to move and cope with low gravity conditions on the asteroids and moons.

The Species reproduce through a large appendix who connects the male and the female. Later, the female lays some eggs that are nurture on a bag on the abdomen of the female. Then, when hatching occur, the Raivo tend to have a large growing process, similar to that of Humans. In the pass, the Raivo used to produce a protective venon who use to serve as a protection against predators of the offspring. This appendix in the Proto-Raivo has disappeared in the Raivo proper, after the absence of predation.


The Population of Raivo is around 38 Quadrillion, expanding all over the Intergalactic Federation. It is also present in the United Alliance, which has around 12 Quadrillion of the total Raivo, with many residing in Kreon but also in other systems. Currently more Raivo live outside their home system than in it.

Culture and Society

The small Raivo City of Meovo, in the Rings of Retoria.
The Raivo society is based on a structure of Cities, most notably in the Heiron System, but also in many of the Rings they inhabit. They are naturally driven to mining but are also experts on low gravity agriculture. They are actively seeked by the Federal and Alliance authorities to settle and work on the rings and asteroids of different systems, due to their large efficiency on such tasks.

The Raivo organized themselves on many different forms, however, they are largely peace advocates and non-authoritarian in values. All cities rely heavily on a Democratic Council no matter where they live. This has aligned well with the values of the Federation and the United Alliance.

In the Heiron system, specifically, they rely on a Council of Cities, in which each settlement sends a representative to the Council and together, this council manages all political activities within the Raivo in the Heiron System. Other Raivo settlements across the Universe, have led to other self-governing structures, mostly of democratic nature but also militaristic (such as stratocracies) within the larger governments of the Federation or the Alliance.

Their funerals are known to be made by a long ceremony of mourning full of colorful decorations and garments. The robes of the deceased are specially designed on a golden tunic. Then, the body is shield on a coffin and sent to outer space. This is done to symbolically continue their journey among the stars.

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