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Deep within the blinding xelithi of Krylotar of the Palioxis Starfield resides a hellish world dominated by a constant battle of pure chaos, Rakata. Below the thousand clouds which engulf the planet in darkness is a neverending thunderstorm, as a celestial wrath ravages the planet's surface. Most significantly, Rakata is a pure world, untouched by any intelligent being in the course of time. This, of course, is derived from its position in the most unstable region of space the Starfield has ever seen, an area of space destined to remain wild for all eternity. Hundreds of environmental 'anomalies' find their home on Rakata, as the clash between the universal forces morphs the fabric of reality.

Rakata's relatively short distance to its parent xelith, Ryless, is the primary factor that causes the planet's hostility. The planet's surface is dominated by immense temperatures, further amplified by its dense atmosphere, which traps most incoming heat and and is additionally loudened by Ryless' intense solar flares, decimating any unfortunate being to wander within the grounds of Rakata. Furthermore, the planet is positioned within a 'region of uncertainty,' as it is termed. A region in which the flow of time can increase, a region in which gravity can reverse its effects, and a region in which there do not have to be any constants.

The adaptability of life is a true force within the Palioxis Starfield, a force which, in some ways, dominates the entire realm and gives it its distinct nature and personality. This force even goes as deep as the Krylotar Core, gifting countless worlds with vast ecologies which have come to define them as whole. Rakata is no exception to that force, home to countless creatures science does not grasp, which roam across the unending grounds in a futile attempt to prevail amongst other competitors. These biological entities are not made out of regular materials, nor are defined by a consistent biology, instead fluctuating between states not fully understood.


Orbit & Rotation

Atmosphere & Climate

Geography & Surface Features

Anomalous Phenomena

Visitors' Wrath

It has been said over countless millennia, that, when any unfortunate being born on an another world steps foot on Rakata, the Cosmos shall exact its vengeance and summon forth the wrath of a thousand xelithi.

Temporality's Flow

Spacetime's Morphosis


Genesis & an Interstellar Journey

Many billions of years ago, in a time in which the Krylotar Core was just emerging and an entirely different generation of xelithi was burning, Rakata was conceived in a vast accretion disk encircling a young, newly formed xelith. Rakata's history in its first system would only be a short stage of its cosmic journey, nothing but a blink of time. The first generation of worlds in the Krylotar Core were in an eternal clash for gravitational dominance, in a seemingly unending state of fighting and betrayal. Rakata was one of the unfortunate worlds expunged from its parent system by larger, more dominant worlds. Rakata's fate would shortly take on a more sinister and depressive tone as its xelithi got smaller each day, eventually ending as an insignificant dot in an uncountable sea of xelithi in the skies.

For millions of years, Rakata was nothing but a lifeless, frozen wasteland, a world without personality nor hope. Nevertheless, even in the darkest of days, when all hope seems lost, a life-changing event could take place. Finding a new home for Rakata would be that fortunate event, settling in a stabilized orbit around a lone xelith as its only companion in the eternal night of cosmos. All good things must come to an end, as the saying goes, and Rakata was soon back on the road, traveling the Palioxis Starfield, eventually manifesting outside of its respective Field, on a course of uncertainty through the abyssal Khaos. What caused this event was a spatial rift, far different and stranger than an ordinary wormhole, almost like a 'glitch' in reality itself.

Dawn of the Unending Clash