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"Visiting Lyncis without stepping foot on Ralteyo would be a wasted trip. " - The Exile's Journal, 95.461 CE

Ralteyo is a warm terran moon orbiting the gas giant Allfadr in the Lyncisian System. The capital planet of the Empire of Lyncis, Ralteyo has a permanent population of 25 billion, making it one of the most populous planets in the entire Lyncisian sphere and a hub for politics, trade and culture.

The largest city on Ralteyo is Raevona, which also houses the Imperial government and is considered the political heart of the Empire.


Little to no records of Lyncisian history prior to the first wave of Lyncisian migration have survived to the present day. It is generally accepted that the Lyncisians became a space-faring species around 80.000 CE and spread outside their home system shortly afterwards in what is now known as the “First wave of Lyncisian migration“. Its political relevance faded during this event, as the Lyncisian people would not be unified under a single state again until 99.445 CE, but it remained a population center and economic hub throughout its history.

The planet changed hands several times throughout its history, although it has never been conquered by a non-Lyncisian state. It served as the capital of the Ralteyan Republic, one of the states that would later make up the provinces of the Empire, and remained in that function until the Republic was politically annexed by the expanding Kingdom of Nubia in 99.337 CE during the Lyncisian Unification War.


A comparatively warm moon with a rotational cycle of 35 standard hours, Ralteyo’s climate is dominated by deserts and jungles, with coastal areas having a much milder climate by comparison. Around 40% of the entire moon’s surface is covered by deserts. Sandstorms and heavy rainfall remain permanent dangers to the cities, as the Lyncisians would consider terraforming their home planet heretical. As such, all cities on the surface are domed, a practice that has influenced Lyncisian architecture everywhere.

Most life on the planet is concentrated in the outer parts of the rainforests, the few oases in the deserts themselves or in the coastal regions, which possess a considerably more temperate climate. The only exception to this rule are the Lyncisians, who have spread throughout all regions and biomes of the moon. Many of the moon’s inhabitants, including the Lyncisians, are nocturnal.

Ralteyo’s landmasses are divided into three supercontinents, Centa, Siela and Anyeva, split by the Lifan Ocean, the largest water body on the planet.

Culture and Society

Ralteyan culture and society have been influenced by the legalistic, conservative and strictly egalitarian Kingdom of Nubia, but it still retains many of its pre-unification characteristics. Its inhabitants are largely concentrated in the various megacities on the surface such as Raevona, while the rural areas in between are settled by nomadic peoples of mostly Lyncisian ethnicity. A large number of the cities’ inhabitants are wealthy, with many of them pursuing careers in economics, politics, the humanities or arts. The city of Raevona in particular has developed a renowned music scene, with concerts of all sizes being a common occurrence in the streets, a practice that spread to many of the worlds of the Empire.

Wealth inequality is a growing problem, however, as more and more people from all corners of the Empire move to the capital. Many of them end up in the growing outskirts and underground districts of the cities, commonly referred to as Khunavir, the Nubian word for ghettos. While the state manages to provide basic infrastructure for these districts, quality of life is poor and criminality widespread.

Commonly considered one of the more liberal worlds, Ralteyo is one of the few major worlds where cybernetics are commonplace and even considered fashionable. Resisting the more conservative Nubian influence that considers cybernetics a religious affront, many inhabitants of the city willingly choose to replace a body part with a cybernetic replacement simply for aesthetic reasons. Also a part of that liberal attitude is the widespread acceptance of non-hetero sexualities, making Ralteyo one of few major worlds where openly practicing them is not met with ostracization.