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Rankat-Ra is a major world in the People's Coalition of Erhm. It is mostly an urban world, containing 23.2 trillion Barnel-Manwe and other species.


Rankat-Ra formed 3.8 billion years ago, along with its parent star, Urlaon. It formed as a rocky, frozen world barely warmed by the light of its sun. Slowly, however, its sun grew brighter and nitrogen seas formed.

It stayed in this way for over a billion years, until the Barnel-Manwe colonised it.

I have ventured 76 light-years, 76 years it took to get here. And look what we have found. The purple-blue orb. The prize we have been looking for. For this work of art, this beautiful tapestry... is the first world we have found that looks like blessed Erhm. This world, this world... -Dr Eolar Rankat-Ra

Rankat-Ra was covered in city, the first off-Erhm colony the People's Coalition of Erhm. Because of its proximity to Erhm (76 light-years) it was used as the staging ground for all future colonisation and exploration ventures.

Today, Rankat-Ra is a highly-populated world, a major world in the Coalition. It has numerous megastructures built around it, because of its lack of moons and rings.


The map of Rankat-Ra

Rankat-Ra does not have continents; all tectonic activity had ceased many millennia ago. However, impact craters and natural rifts form the oceans and seas we see today on Rankat-Ra.

Moslty, the plant is a lush forest of purple vegetation, densest around the seas. However, there are large plateaus that plants do not grow on. These appear as large grey or white patches from the air.


Rankat-Raian culture is orientated around the incredible beauty of the planet. Its songs are sung throughout the PCE and beyond, as the most beautiful world known to Barnel-Manwekind.

Also, along with most other worlds in the PCE, there is a large deal of hedonism apparent here. The culture revolves around the sacrosanctity of pleasure and happiness, regardless of the weight borne by others.


Around Rankat-Ra there revolves many megastructures, the most notable being Jarla. Jarla is a large circumplanetary ring that rotates very fast, so as to completely cancel out gravity. On Jarla, you literally float.

Another major megastructure surrounding Rankat-Ra is the Qualel Shipyards. The primary source of ship manufacturing for this sector, the Qualel Shipyards have produced 46% of the entire navy of the PCE. They are truly the beating heart of Barnel-Manwe military.

Along with these major structures, there around millions of rotating or stationary habitats in orbit around Rankat-Ra. These house an extra 2 trillion people, known collectively as the Rankat-Ra Swarm.