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The Ravis are a sapient carbon-based octopedal species originating on the planet Alphos in the galaxy Florescence. While very widespread, The Ravis are most commonly found across the Florescence, Via Aylathiya, and Ventemir Galaxies. The Ravis are most widely known for their unique attitudes on religion, in large part due to a psychological tendency they possess which causes a general religiousness amongst them. The Ravis, while originally very xenophobic and expansionist, have become far more accommodating to other species and civilizations. The Ravis are, by far, most concentrated within Blumeheim, the nation controlling the galaxy Florescence.

The Ravis are invertebrates with a tough shells made of calcium carbonate. Within their large shells is their complex brain. At any time, they can retreat into these shells for protection. Their eight arms are useful for manipulating objects, swimming, and, principally, locomotion.


The Ravis are a carbon-based species which metabolize organic compounds for energy. They breath oxygen and are 74% water by mass. Other than carbon, arsenic and nitrogen are common elements found in the Ravis. Their genetic information is stored in protein-like molecule which uses amino acids rather than nucleotides to code for genes. These amino acids are not found in other proteins within the Ravis.

Generally, Ravis are an octopedal species ranging in height from about three-fourths to one meter and an arm-span of up to five meters when fully extended. They weigh 128 kg on average. To pump their copper-based blood throughout their body, the Ravis have four hearts, one to pump blood through the brain, two at the base of the lungs, and one to pump blood to the legs. With such a great need for oxygen, their skin adapted to absorb oxygen directly from the air to supplement the oxygen their lungs absorb.

The Ravis are Bilaterally symmetrical, meaning that their right and left sides are symmetrical. The eyes of the Ravis point forward while resting, defining the front of the organism. Underneath the shell are eight strong arms capable of supporting the body while moving. By virtue of living on a world with about 0.6 G's of gravity, these legs can easily support the body for movement, albeit, movement close to the ground. Their skin is covered in chromatophores capable of limited color change as a way to communicate emotions. While many of the "colors" exhibited exist outside of the visible light spectrum, the baseline color is a faint reddish-brown. The skin is flexible while also being fairly strong.

Population Distribution

The Ravis are, by far, most commonly found within the galaxy Florescence. Over 70% of the Ravis call the galaxy home. As a very common species, however, this 30% living outside of Florescence still make up large portions of the populations of many regions. Due to breathing oxygen, they can easily coexist with most other species in habitats, allowing for more to live in general-use infrastructure.