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"We are the embodimient of justice and police, running after fugitives, criminals, heretics and runaways to punish them for their actions. We are the armed hand of society, that crushes rebellions and smashes those who think of themselves as being above the law and the nation. We command armies against our enemies and we lead society when it is at the edge of chaos. Red is our color, for the blood we will spill in order to preserve society and order without remorse of any kind. No one is spared from justice, not even ourselves. There is nowhere to hide, we will reach you and bring you to the justice, the one that you deserve." - Levira Tolkaum.

The Red Branch is one of the 12 Branches of the Sisterhood of Kryso, an Order native to the Union, one of the Lewis Nations. It's Sisterhood headquarters as a whole are located in Kryso, but those of the Red Branch are located in the Planet Orkun. In this world, they are in charge of training new members of this women-only Order. This branch is often called "the Warriors" or "the Battlearms".

High-Ranked, Alira Beoniz, from the Red Branch of the Sisterhood of Kryso.

This Branch focus itself on War and chasing criminals and fugitives all over the Union and beyond. They are focused specially in persecuting heretics and other similar people who may have get rid of the parasite in their bodies and survive. Its main goal is to protect the citizens of the Union from evil people, and to secure Humanity, saving it from heresy.

They are known for being ruthless and for making straight forward decitions, no matter of the social status the one under their radar has.

They have usually a deep understanding of the law that they promise to abide to, and thus are very loyal to the nation and it's system.

The sisters of this community are seen on the streets of many worlds teaching the poor or the people passing by about the vast knowledge of the Universe. Sometimes they gather small thinking groups who focus on Phylosophy and other similar fields. For such tasks, they are often required to follow the Path of Awakening. Typically, the Path of Awakening that they do is the Path of the Warrior or sometimes the Path of Dexterity, as it fits perfectly with the policy of the Reds.


They always wear red. They were it everywhere they go and the people recognize what they are as their outfit really stands out in the middle of a crowd. They are greatly feared when on sight, as no one is free from their judging or persecution. In case of not being able to wear red robes (which is rare), they wear long red strips attached to her wrists to denote their status and position as the Red Branch of the Sisterhood of Kryso.

Functions and Power


The power of the Red Branch is the strongest and most direct of all the Branches. They have the power to judge and execute anyone, from the lowest of the lowest to the highest leader of the Union. No one is saved from their hand. They however, provoke more fear than they deserve, as their main task is to fight against heretics, run aways and criminals who hurt society and protect the normal folks. Nevertheless they are ruthless in their methods and strong warriors and for that, they made everyone afraid and nervous when at their presence. The Reds have always a more aggresive approach, a more direct way of dealing with problems. This clashes with some of the other branches who prefer a more sutile or softer approach to problems. The reds have been despised by many but no one dares to do so publicly out of fear. They act as Judges in many occasions and have the same power as them to inflict punishements. They are considered the embodiment of Penal Law in case of need. However they are not usually allowed to be judges of the Civil Law.

In war, they work as lieutenants and as elite fighters against the enemy. The sole mention of them in the Empire (their traditional enemy) and other Lewis Nations is already enough to provoke agitation and even panic, They are always put in leadership of battle commands, flotillas, and other units and sometimes even take the titles of Generals. They are trained to be militaristic and thus are perfectly suitable for a context of war in case it is needed.

Groups of the Red Branch

  • The Hunting Dancers: They are a highly trained group of Warriors within the Red Branch, trained to be mortal assasins that use a combination of Dagas and knives alongside dancing movements to give a mortal blow to enemies. They usually serve an Inquisitor.
  • The Inquisitors: They have deep knowledge of the Law and usually lead a band of Reds into a Hunt. When the criminal is taken they are the ones in charge of putting it in front of the law and act as Judges of it's destiny.
    • The Red Legion; Similar to the Inquisitors, they are the hardest and most ruthless branch of the Reds, they are very similar to the Inquisitors and usually are grouped together but they are in charge of mass convertion events, war efforts, put to execution large groups of rebels or very dangerous people who are required to stand trial and thus are not suited for silent assasination by the Blacks. They are definitely the most feared of all. They are sent to rebellious areas and are put in charge so to appaised those that rebelled, usually by force.
  • The Elite Red Warriors: Warrior, trained to fight and experts in the arts of combat and war. They are few and are usually employed as bodyguards of the Inquisitors or those who can afford them. Sometimes they are gather in large numbers and used in war as an elite force of killing.
  • The Persecutors: They chase the victims and bring them to the Inquisition or sometimes they themselves act as Judges/Inquisitors. They are the avant-garde of a group of the Red Branch. THey usually have followed the way of dexterity or any other path (not that of the Warrior) and thus are perfectly suited for chasing a prey werever she might have hidden.
  • Commanders: They are exceptionally used in case of conflicts and are mainly in charge of leading troops into war.

Psychokinetic Powers

The use of powers among the Red branch is common and widespread. Either for interrogation or detention of a suspect, they are the best tools to outperform a runaway and catch it.

Notable Personalities of the Red Branch