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18,298 BCE - Present

Before, we had quarrels and differences between humeigas but today, all humeigas are gathered together as in a big family and respect each other. Long live peace and long prosperity to humeigaity. (Sabeusna Atès, leader at the time when all nations of Aureiga are merge with Regnum Aureiga, 10/06/17,092 BCE)

Regnum Aureiga is an oligarchic great power in the Via Sagittaria Galaxy. It has the third highest population of any nation within Via Sagittaria and the fifth highest economic output. It has sovereignty over 10.782 billion stars, one third of which not being usually populated, but rather acted as outposts. Its capital is Aureiga.

General information

Regnum Aureiga


Regnum Aureiga - Flag.jpg


854 septillion

79% Humeiga: 675 septillion
11% Humans: 94 septillion
7% Molkar: 60 septillion
3% Other: 26 septillion
18,298 BCE
Kardashev Type
Major Worlds
Aureiga, Janest, Saring, Zèya, Sabeusna



Economic Type
Social Democracy
Democracy Index
106.29 Nonillion C-Units
Equal but some nobles exist
Military Status
Great power
Economic Status
Great power


Regnum Aureiga is a oligarchs directed by a Director to which his mandate lasts 20 years period. The Director is voted by eligible citizen. There also a Prime Minister, ministers of military, ecologist, production, space, sciences, education, transports and diplomacy, designate by the leader. In addition, each colonies have a Governor, choice by inhabitants eligible of the colonies.

The Capitol on Zàlepar on Aureiga is the place where laws are voted by 500 deputies in proportional mode and is also the residence of the leader.

Deputies are choice by the parties where the deputies belongs a party.


The nation is directed by a Director to which his mandate lasts 20 years period. The main function is to represent the Regnum Aureiga to the other nation for made diplomatic action with some help with minister of diplomacy. The Director can't apply laws - except in a crisis - but can if he want ask to remade a election for deputies one time during him mandate. The official residence of the leader is the Capitol on Zàlepar on Aureiga.

The actual leader, Quarus Aminatius, govern the kingdom since 23 years with 2 mandates.

Regnum Aureiga - Leader - Quarus Aminatius.png
Quarus Aminatius
Director of Regnum Aureiga
Positive Attributes
Negative Attributes
▲ Generous

▲ Charitable

▲ Determined

▲ Long-Term Planner

▼ Careless

▼ Nosy

▼ Secretive

67 Years Old
Political Party
National Origin
National Party
Regnum Aureiga - Flag.jpg Regnum Aureiga


To become a eligible citizen, the citizen need to have a minimum of 10,000 C-Unit.

This kingdom prohibited terraformation in its controlled systems, but can have domed cities and some habitats in orbit.

Diplomatic statut

Relationship status National opinion
Member Nation  Member Nation  Very Positive
Alliance  Alliance  Positive
Guarantee  Guarantee  Neutral
Trading  Close Trading  Little Thought Given
Military Influence  Military Influence in other Nations  Suspicious
NoOpinion.png  No Relations  Alarmed
Rivalry.png  Open Rivalry  Hostile
Conflict.png  Ongoing War

Relationship status National opinion Nations
Formal Alliance Associated nation
Flag of the CoB.png Confederacy of Borealis
Formal Alliance
UFSSFlag.jpg United Federation of Star System
Formal Alliance
Intendant II.png Alkan Intendancy


Here are the map of main galaxies where Regnum Aureiga is establish.

caption=Via Sagittaria Galaxy map
caption=Ouranir Galaxy map
caption=Zalanthium Galaxy map

Major worlds

Regnum Aureiga has many major worlds, all of which are designated as high priority worlds. Many of them include many of the nation's industrial and economic centers with densely populated cities while trying to conserve nature.

1 3 1 Aureiga Day.png
1 2 Junest.png
1 4 Saring.png
PlanetIcon.png Aureiga PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Junest PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Saring PlanetIcon.png
Melyos System (Via Sagittaria Galaxy)
Melyos System (Via Sagittaria Galaxy)
Melyos System (Via Sagittaria Galaxy)
139,742 million
72,472 million
51,316 million
Unique Attributes:
  • Home World
  • Capital World
  • Economic Center
  • Historic Value
  • Heavy Level of Trading
  • Regional Power
  • Intragalactic Influence
  • High Development
  • Heavy Nature Preserves
  • Attractive Natural Life
  • Heavy Tourism
  • Second world colonized
  • Heavy Nature Preserves
  • Attractive Natural Life
  • Third world colonized
  • Heavy Tourism
Unidentified or Incomplete Icon.png
Unidentified or Incomplete Icon.png
MoonIcon.png Zèya MoonIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Sabeusna PlanetIcon.png
Lyos System (Via Sagittaria Galaxy)
Atès System (Zalanthium Galaxy)
842 million
476 billion
Unique Attributes:
  • First world colonized outside Melyos System
  • Heavy Level of Trading
  • First world colonized on Zalanthium Galaxy
  • Economic Center
  • Heavy Level of Trading
  • Regional Power
  • Intragalactic Influence
  • High Development
  • Heavy Tourism


Pre-space and formation


Engraving of the Capitol in Zàlepar on Aureiga

Regnum Aureiga was formed in multiple step by a succession of nations merge to her.

The first step was in 18,298 BCE by the merge of nations on the the continent Kàleip on Aureiga planet (Zàlepar, Leipurn and Kaleiro) to be prepare in case of a defensive war by Pertìow Empire on the Zìa continent. The merge was already in question before that because all this nations were a similar cultural and political system, but was not sure to choice the main nation before was decide all citizens vote to choice (the result was Zàlepar).

The war against Pertìow happen on 18,214 BCE when the nation of Dèya ask help to her and join him after some centuries after in 17,826 BCE. The Capitol on Kàlepar for the occasion was started to be build, where laws are voted and hosts the Director.

In 10/06/17,092 BCE, Sabeusna Atès, leader at the time, impose to cities states to be a vassal of Regnum Aureiga with nuclear deterrence, and some days after, by fear, other nations ask to be merge also. The official goal was to avoid a another war by a fanatic nation.


In 15,362 BCE, the kingdom meet Humans and also Triumvirate Civilization after cross the wormhole from their native system connected to Helyar System. A treaty of peace between there. Also, Triumvirate ask to Humans and Humeiga to have a alternative name for their species because there are very similar. So the empire choice Sabeiga in honor to Sabeusna Atès to him species.

In 15,325 BCE, the empire start to colonize outside of them system, where the first is Zèya on Lyos System.

In 15,301 BCE, Regnum Aureiga have the surprise a another civilization is "close" to their native stellar system without wormhole, a civilization made of the Ror Units. This civilization welcomed civilization peacefully and a alliance is made between there. Through some technological exchange, the nation start to collect and transfer energy from stars some years after.

In 15,099 BCE, Regnum Aureiga participate to the formation of Yohjan Confederacy when the Triumvirate collapse and Humans become the second official language. The kingdom participate to the side of the Yohjan Confederacy during the War of the Final Transition in 1,285 BCE to protect her but the empire capitulate when the Yohjan Confederacy split in 0 CE, a crisis happen during 187 years and remade in question to participate to a war. Relation with Humans was reduce a bit when in the moment of the capitulation, Regnum Aureiga know was Humans start first the war and not the inverse.

After the crisis happen, Regnum Aureiga meeting the Un'oit Collective in 456 CE, but the kingdom prefer to be neutral after the violence of the previous war.

In 4,206 CE, Regnum Aureiga have the surprise to meeting to The Rorran Intendancy, a extra-galactic nations who have some colonies in Via Sagittaria. Some millennia after, it is the turn of The Empyrean to be discoveries with same properties.

In 13,913 CE, the kingdom start to colonize outside of their native galaxy - Via Sagittaria -, where the first is Orain on Alhcot System in the Ouranir Galaxy.

In 25,009 CE, the empire decide to made a alliance with United Federation of Star Systems when is create, to re-increase the relation between Humeiga and Humans.

In 29,913 CE, the kingdom start to colonize Zalanthium Galaxy, where the first is Sabeusna on Atès System, for a demonstration of fast speed travel.

In 30,801 CE, Regnum Aureiga accept to be a associated nation of Confederacy of Borealis instead of directly a member ship to keep independence, but the Xeno become the third official language in the empire.