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The Relativistic Drive is a method of traveling Faster-than-Light. It works similarly to SICTIRIAD, but has far less energy cost. However, is consumes objects to power itself, and once consumed, those objects are lost forever.


The Relativistic Drive works similarly to SICTIRIAD, but not as effectively but also without the need for powerful Dyson Spheres. It feeds upon normal matter, consuming its by converting its mass into a extremely large amount of energy. Only a 1 kilogram weight could power the Relativistic Drive to a nearby star system and back.

Converting the Matter into Energy

The first step is to convert the matter that is fed into the Drive into energy, which it does by exciting the atoms to the degree where they destroy themselves. The resulting energy is harvested, and used for the second step.

Warping the universe

The sheer amount of energy warps space time, but not enough. The energy then powers lasers, all focused on a specific spot. Unlike SICTIRIAD, these lasers are small, smaller than your average laser pointer, but they are incredibly focused. Because of this, the Drive needs regular maintenance. These lasers create and maintain tiny micro-black holes, which warp spacetime even more. They create a sphere of black holes, and in the centre space-time is so warped that traveling through this space is akin to traveling millions of light years. The Drive then accelerates the black holes out, through the ship, where they are so small that they don't interact with the ship. The ship is then situated inside of the warped area, and the computer controls the ship to travel through the area. When the area fades away, it appears that they have travelled very far. However, due to the warped space still being in this continuum, time travels at the same rate and they travel millions of light-years instantly.


The Relativistic Drive was first invented by Ukolim E'uil, a Alisvania from Alis as a method of exploring their home system. Coincidentally, it was found that it could also go further than that, and the nation of Eswenti explored over a hundred star systems before they got around to finishing their own. It was used to establish Eswenti as a real star nation, but there were real concerns about the amount of matter that the drive was using up. A mountains worth were being consumed every hour at the peak of the Relativistic Drive. When Eswenti made contact with the Zalanthium Coalition, they introduced them to other forms of FTL travel, but the Relativistic Drive was still used. Today, it has been reverse-engineered to invent the Energy-Matter Exchanger, which converts energy to matter and the other way around.


Today, the Relativistic Drive is used mainly around the Zalanthium Galaxy, and used in tangent with the Energy-Matter Exchanger to make a almost equal energy loss/gain. It is mainly employed by Eswenti, and the Zalanthium Coalition as a method of FTL travel. It has not spread much to other galaxies, and is unlikely to.