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"Keepin' it clean" -Janitor Bobby Williams


The Remier Interplanetary Starport is the Alenean starport and district three of Alenea, it is among one of the larger transit hubs in the cosmos, since it being utterly large to be able to fit in Aepedkyr StarLiners created by the Intergalactic Tourist Association, it fits 116 Aepedkyr Drydocks, and thousands of docks for other vessels, big and small. The main starport building consists of 57 total terminals, this is because of its size being 35 Kilometers in diameter.



The Starport was constructed shortly after the City of Blue was constructed above the surface, since the planet was quickly growing, it was ordered by Liam Arrbotch to be built in honor of his close friend Remier Cree, thus being named Remier. On December 5th, 56,100 CE, the starport was opened to the public, and has been used as a hub of Nilus, since being able to go the most populous planets in the Nilus galaxies.

The Attack

On March 11 58,001 CE, an unknown terrorist duo had infiltrated the infrastructure and bombed Terminal 16 of the starport. Analysis confirmed that the cause of the bombing was through both a jacket strapped explosive and use of ramming an MA 353 Airliner into the terminal