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The Republic of Anthropos was a nation located in the Lewis Galaxy and is the predecessor state of the Empire of Mankind. It was itself as well the successor of the Republic of Elpida. This nation existed between 22,331 CE and 28,648 CE, operating for 6317 years.

The Republic was issued from the previous Republic of Elpida, when settlers from Elpida colonized Mitra and Pax. Then, other settlers from Pax and Mitra started as well to colonized other planets. This led to the increase in relevance of Pax and Mitra and other Colonies and the nation no longer revolved just around Elpida alone. So in order to include all planets relevance, the country was reformed and renamed as the Republic of Anthropos. This led to the three planets, Pax, Mitra and Elpida, being almost equally important, with Elpida being slightly more relevant and the official capital. The name of the Republic comes from ancient and dilapidated languages, to make reference to the word Human, that is "Anthropos", translating the name as the Republic of Humanity or Republic of Mankind.

This nation was ruled from a Parliament, with two important parties in power, taking turns in the Presidential position according to poll votes. However, after millennia of governance, the bipartidist system was not really of much value, since most of the parliamentarian members of the two parties were bought by corporation interests and their own accumulative wealth as well as the Parties interest, who by now, acted almost like corporations and brands on their own, having immense commercial interests that sometimes did not match the interests of the citizens. At the same time, both parties had different interests, as well as political views. This led to a growth in tensions that would be scalating through several years until war was unavoidable and the First Civil War broke out in the Republic.

The Military Forces, were no tight to the Parties but only to the Republic, so when the Parties started a fight on their own, with private financing and public support, the Military was reluctant to act at first, looking for other means to reduce the tensions and stop the inicial conflict. But when was was already deeply in place and unavoidable, the Generals reunited to discuss the situation. Instead of aligning themselves with one of the parties they decided to choose a High General among themselves, based on merits and talent, to lead the situation in service of the Republic and its citizens interests and not the parties interests and stop the war. This General was Horis Tarnos, thar with the support of the Army, wage war against the Parties and soon defeated them, successfully ending the First Civil War.

As a result, the constitution was changed and new policies were inplace. Bipartidism was no longer possible. Horis Tarnos was incredibly popular, and he was then by popular support, made the protector of the republic and leader of the Military forces. This position was known as The Guardian. Later, due to Horis popular support and incredible fame, was made hereditary and constitutional.

After several centuries, the five parties set in place, had become again corrupted and stagnate into their own power and interests above those of the Citizens. This also led to tensions among parties and history repeated itself. The parties could not agree peacefully on anything and formed two alliances, the Eratic Alliance and the Yezra Alliance. Finally they wage war against each other, declaring the Second Civil War.

By this time, Horis Tarnos was no longer alive, but the position of The Guardian was now in the place of his grandson, known as Hannakon Tarnos. He was as well vigilant at first, thinking the conflict will not scalate. However, when the conflict started to be serious, Hannakon had no choice but to intervene as the Guardian and protector of the Republic once again. He had more power than each party, so the parties had a secret meeting to stop war between them for now, and defeat the Guardian first since he was a greater threat and both Alliances saw him as an enemy. Still internal conflict was important. This led the Guardian, that lead a more unified army and had popular support, to defeat them, even if his forces were clearly lower the those of the Alliances combine.

This ended with the dissolution of the Republic and the Party system, that had been so disastrous for the people. Hannakon's due to inmense popularity and support was declared the First Emperor, with the name of Hannakon I Tarnos, giving Birth to the current Empire of Mankind and the rule of the Tarnos Dynasty by 82,648 CE. The Empire was then a solution that proved much more stable and peaceful for the common inhabitants of the previous republic. The party members were seen as untrusty and despicable people, and were put on force labour. Their descent carried the estigma with them, and were the first Human-born Slaves in the Empire of Mankind, giving rise to the instauration of this institution in the nation.