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The Republic of Elpida, was a nation that existed from 20,167 CE to 22,331 CE, existing for 2164 years before it was replaced by a reformed Republic to include Elpida and Its Colonies in Equal conditions, renaming itself Republic of Anthropos. Then this nation would in turn be replaced after the Second Civil War events to give rise to the current Empire of Mankind.

The Republic was created when Anarian settlers right after the Anarian Fever Incidents on planet Anar as well as settlers from several torn apart worlds from conflict crossed the Eye of Freedom wormhole and left Erstes Konsortium in Via Aylathiya. This was possible thanks to the so called Abeona Initiative, who's purpose was the search of a new home away from the rule of the Confederacy. They settled in planet Elpida, on the Lewis Galaxy. The start was hard for the first settlers, and they organized themselves on a Republican Fashion, with high democratic values and rule in an indirect democratic way, with parties representing several interests in which people could vote to.

The Republic was effective because since the early days, helped the entire population of Elpida to come together as one nation, preventing secession into several smaller countries. All had the same goal, expand and prosper in peace. The ideals of the settlers remained strong during the first two millennia. By this time, lifespam was shorter and several generations came one after the other.

The Republic was isolated and had to function mostly as an autarky, with little comercial contacts with the outside universe. This led the first colonist to study deeply their now home planet. In the early days, they remembered where they came from and the hardships they had to endure in their (for them) decadent former nation. Due to this, a strong nationalist sentiment grew among settlers, what helped them expand into nearby worlds.

The First two planets this nation colonized were Pax and Mitra. Then others would follow, such as Haldar and Thetis, among many more. The expansion was exponential and soon they had grabbed a considerable size nearby them. Strangely enough they did not encounter alien life whatsoever, what made them think this Galaxy might be free of it.

This early stages of what would later become the Empire of Mankind were considered to be utopian. No enemies or intelligent xeno life had been found, progress was rampant and so was peace. This is considered by many to be a golden age of humanity. Many, like the Intergalactic Federation and the United Alliance rely heavily on this nation to reafirm their democratic values and how it all brought goodness and progress. The empire although praises it, calls on it as misleading as it would eventually devolved to the corrupt system that led them to the Republic of Anthropos and it's war, that finally had to be solved with the creation of the Empire (regarded as the saviour). So the Republic is shown as the beginning of the downfall of mankind.

In the latter period of this nation, the Republic was no longer just revolving around Elpida, and when the Colonies started to flourish and become fully populated and functional worlds on their own, the Republic had to be reformed to include treatment of this worlds in a more egalitarian way, similar to Elpida. Although Elpida remained the Capital, Mitra and Pax hold some important institutions, that would later become the Imperial Supreme Court and the Legislative Parliament of the Empire,making them Capitals, alongside Elpida.

Several small outbreaks and protests arose in many worlds and colonies of Elpida, looking for larger autonomy and a reformation. Mitra and Pax specially, as early colonies had achieve the highest degree of sophistication and had sizable populations. Finally the Republic gave in, and became the Republic of Anthropos.