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"Not afected by the weakness of the flesh, we turned out our imperfect biological bodies into perfected machinery by improving ourselves with technological appliances. No ethical dilema exists in our society. Morals stop progress, and the absense of progress destroys survival." - Kala Wang, Cyborg president of the ectnogenesis department.

The Republic of Sion is a Human Nation, abbreviated sometimes as R.S. It is located mostly in the Lewis Galaxy, in Herschel Space. It is one of the Lewis Nations.

It was created in 55 006 CE, out of several planets of the United Alliance due to far distance and isolation in the Germinis Nebula. It was born as a secession movement inside the U.A. After years of several terrorist attacks and commerce warfare, ideological differences and difficulty as well as far away distance from the core, it ended up with the U.A finally granting Independence to the Germinis Nebulae worlds.

The Capital is located on planet Sion, in the Eire System. Nowadays, Sion is becoming gradually a rampant ecumenopolis. The core of the country is in the Outer Nephros Arm of the Lewis Galaxy, where many important planets of this nation, as well as the oldest ones, are located.

The nation is known for being a high tech and sophisticated one. Due to its initial shortage on inhabitants during the early days, it made the Germinis sector dependent on robots and android production for its early mining activities before becoming well populated by humans. This led to the technocratic culture of this nation.

Technological advancement and research were granted preferential status, as well as banking and computing, becoming one of the leading exporting nations, although due to its size and lower population at the early stages of the nation, its influence only reached a small sector of the Lewis Galaxy. Later bioengineering and fabrication became a tool for mass production of humans to accelerate the Human population of the nation and its rapid expansion and settlement of new acquired territories. The nation is known for its credit loans to other Human nations.

The Union and other nations, such as the Empire of Mankind and the Aldorians, highly reject the use of robotics and artificial intelligence and have thus minimal contact with this nation, despising it in private.


The Republic was formed by rebels in the Germinis Nebulae. Still a peaceful agreement was established and independence granted. The new country took the name of the biggest, most populous planet as well as the center of the Revolt, Sion.

The country focused itself on liberty of values and improvement of the Human body. This led to a focus on Technology, High-tech, Androids, Robotics and ectogenesis, as well as cyborg implants. This attracted many humans from other Lewis Nations tired of the restrictions on moral, values and specially on technological advancement (Such as high intelligence IA and Androids or High Quality Robots).

Many scientists and other liberals flocked into this nation, some by conviction and others by being attracted with high salaries by the government. This led to massive colonization of the Germinis Nebulae and most of the nearby worlds.



The government of this nation is highly democratic, it has been based on a direct voting system. This is possible thanks to the fact that much of its population carries a chip implant that allows them to vote on most of the government issues. Cybernetics is also a major thing and most of the population has some bionic parts on their bodies, with a perfect mix of mechanics and bioengineering.

The security of the nation is in hands of the Artificial Intelligence called The Eye, but is supervised by the Human head of security.

The Republic is made of a President and a Parliament, which is elected by a direct democracy. The Parliament only function is to have law proposals and control the voting by the citizens who vote on them directly themselves. The President and all parliamentarians are elected directly by the citizens. The Justice High Court, Military leaders and security leaders are chosen by merit. The security is all supervised and in control of the IA called the Eye.

The Main Key activities are widespread all over the nation, with Sion concentrating the President and the Parliament, as well as the main Justice High Courts. Other planets hold the military, banking, stock exchange and other important positions.

Most of the Nation resides in the Germinis Nebula and the nearby area, expanding towards the United Alliance space, with whom it has a border and increasing border and frontier problems, tensions and territorial disputes. Although both nations are somehow in good terms.


The population of the Republic is made mostly of Humans (cyborgs) with a high degree of androids and domestic robots. Still, only Humans have vote rights and full citizenship. The culture of the republic has some distant similarities, especially in Sion. Also slightly with America. Outside the Capital, the culture and people are very similar to those found in other nations in the Lewis Galaxy.

The degree of technological advancement in this nation is very high and in some aspects its higher than other Lewis Nations even though it has existed for a shorter amount of time. It is mostly known for its lack of what would be considered "human ethics", being able to experiment on unborn fetuses, enhance superior genetics to all the population, the use of ingrained biotechnology and bionic elements, as well as new biologically created organs and other features. The Republic has as a goal "The improvement of the Human race, winning the battle against death and old age, and conquering the mastery of machinery".

One of the main Companies in the country is Solokron Robotics, a High-Tech and a manufacturing of Cybernetic pieces and its installation as well as IAs and other sorts of technologies.TERGA Industries is also a High-Tech company focused on Ectogenesis, Robotics, Androids and Infrastructures. Bank of Sion is the largest financial company in the nation, being also a mayor bank entity among the Lewis Nations.

The human population of this world is born through Ectogenesis, and sometimes is then assigned to an ideal family for its formation and education. This is supervised by the authorities that they are doing proper care. If humans want to have biological children, they can but usually is something done by the government in Labs after a request from the parents. But due to the lower amount of births and people wanting to be parents, the government assures the growth by producing itself humans.

The Humans from the Republic do not have normal issue. Most babies are created without parents, so the production of human capital is usually planned and then raised in what are called "Children Houses".

Mayor worlds

Some famous worlds are Sion, Targovil, Koxia, Yera, Lusitania, Hala, Xin, Eritrea, Terandra, Logom, Uldin, Changan, etc...