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"A beautiful Gas planet, with some of the most impressive rings ever seen. It's ring's peculiar color is given by its vibrant flora, most notably the large amount of Tisanda Flower Plantations. It is as well the homeplace of the Raivo Species, who have thrived where it seemed impossible, and managed to create a civilization of their own out of the ashes of the Telusians." - Theresa Alburg.

Retoria is a Giant Gas Planet on the Heiron System, in the Avana Galaxy. It is famous for being the Homeworld of the Raivo species who inhabits the rings around the Planet. It is as well famous for its mining and cultivation of the Tisanda Flower, which has given the Rings a special purple-pink tone of color.

The Planet has several large domes and the Raivo have set a number of large settlements all across the different layers of the Rings and the entire length of them. From here they colonized the nearby Rings of the Planet Zerun and much later the rings of Kandrakar. Here, they made contact with the Intergalactic Federation, integrating themselves later in it. The Raivo species has then expanded all over the Intergalactic Federation and the United Alliance territories.


The Planet of Retoria was colonized by the Telusians, soon after conquering and settling the planet of Kandrakar. It was done due to a very valuable resource, called the Tisanda Flower, a special species of Flora who grows on low gravity and is of various and diverse uses appreciated by the Telusians. Alongside the Flower, the Rings had as well valuable mining resources. This led the Telusians to bring the ancestor of the Raivos (who are believed to be a from a civilization native to Kandrakar), as slaves to work on the asteroid Rings of Retoria to cultivate the flower and mine the resources.

The ancestors of the Raivos seem to have been pressured hardly on the Asteroid belt of Retoria to evolve on a low gravity environment, and soon the species started to divert from its original species to become the Raivos we know today. The Rings of Zerun were also settled and colonized for mining purposes.

During the fall of the Telusian civilization, the Heiron System became the central system of one of the Telusian Small Nations during the fragmentation of the Empire.


A war between two nations affected greatly the System, and led to a slave revolution in Retoria, which killed or expelled all the Telusians from the Rings, giving the Raivos the power over the planet.

After becoming independent, they managed to uncover some of the technologies left by the Telusians but not all, most notably, that of artificial gravity, which led them to keep evolving on the current Raivo species.

The Raivo kept on creating their own civilization from the ashes of the fall of their enslavement. They also started to heavily colonized the Rings and exploit them.

They also started building floating domes to extract gases from the Gas Giant. Soon, they also started to colonized other places within the system, like the Rings of Zerun, the other Gas Giant and the Rings of Kandrakar. It was actually here that they met the Intergalactic Federation and joined them. Soon after, they started to expand to many systems in Federal territory and even beyond into the United Alliance do to their perfect suitability for low gravity environments, perfect for work in planetary Rings.


The Population of Retoria is 21 Billion. Around 99,3% of them are Raivo, while 0,7% are Humans or other species who came as merchants, military personnel, ambassadors etc...

  • The City of Selo is the the biggest settlement in the Rings and the official Capital of the Raivo species. It is believed to be one of the largest surviving settlements of the Telusian era.
  • The City of Gorvan is the second biggest city and is believed to have been a Telusian settlement for the elite Telusian to live in commodity and to control and supervise the slaves. During the rebellion, the slaves assaulted the settlement and took it over, getting access to many technologies of the Telusians.
  • The City of Lavain is very important culturally due to this settlement being the first where the rebellion took place. It is today an important settlement for the cultivation of the Tisanda Flower and also as a Cultural center of studies for the Raivo species.
  • The City of Suis was founded by the Raivo, who use the city as a military base and a center for their shipbuilding industries.
  • The city of Vavo was also founded by the Raivo and is a center for chemical industries and Pharmaceutical goods. A large biolab exist here to study low gravity flora. It has a large human population of scientists and researchers. The population is also known for its touristic industries and beautiful views over the system and the Rings.
  • The City of Meovo, is a middle size city, located in one of the outer region of the Gas Giant rings. It acts as a trade center of commerce with the colonies of Zerun and the rest of the system. It is quite diversify in its economy. In in the early stages it was a minor center for mining, exploration of the cosmos and science, but with the opening of the Raivo as an disperse species it became a center for departure and arrival of Raivo and had a nice location for commerce and interstellar travel.

The Moon of Rivis

The Moon of Rivis, orbiting the Gas Giant of Retoria.

This is the only moon on Retoria. It is the only truly international settlement in the entire Ring system. It has a Federal Military large base, originally created by the Raivos and today enlarged and reinforced by the Intergalactic Federation to accommodate other species. Now Raivos and Humans, as well as other Alien species live in the base. However, it is as well the main operational center for the Large Wormhole gate located nearby the moon, ready to be used to connect the system with the rest of the Galaxies and the Universe. It is located beyond the Rings and is perfectly placed between Kandrakar and Retoria.

The Moon used to be a Telusian large mining center, an the place of a Holy Sacred Shrine. Several military facilities of this civilization were also constructed here, due to the moons strategic location. The military base was blown up by the enemy millennia ago and today very little remains still exist, only some remains of the ancient Shrine and the mining settlement remain.

City of Meovo