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Also known as Rexisa Prime, Rexisa is the central world of the Republic of Rixxes in the Paleas Galaxy. Rexisa is also the homeworld of the Ceetia, among many other animals and plants.


Rexisa is 9.3 billion years old. Life emerged roughly three hundred million years later, and evolved relatively slowly. At about 9000 CE, the Ceetia, local inhabitants of Rexisa, had appeared to have begun civilisation with tribes scattered across the planet, with the polar regions being explored in 11400 CE. They later began to colonize the rest of the Reinne System, fully colonizing it in 22840 CE. After this, they began colonizing the rest of the galaxy, but they eventually ran into two other similarly expanding nations, the Eltor-Lathemir Commonwealth and the Beltamar Union. Disputes flared up, and war erupted.

The First Paleas War ended in 34781 CE with a crushing defeat for the Republic of Rixxes, but they managed to climb up again, and eventually won the Second Paleas War in 49818 CE. Today, Rexisa has healed from its wounds and will be ready if war flares up again.


Rexisa is the homeworld of the Ceetia, a major species in the Paleas Galaxy. They founded the Republic of Rixxes in 21430 to consolidate their species under one banner, and are some of the most violent species in the Flower Galaxy neighborhood.

Rexisa is roughly 6112 km in diameter, with very low mass and gravity. This weak gravitational pull allows for tall and thin creatures and plants.

It has a day of 25 hours, about 1.08 standard days with an axial tilt of 29 degrees. It speeds around its central star, which is part of a larger binary system, at about 3.67 km/sec (or 13,212 km/hour).

Republic of Rixxes

Rexisa is the capital world of the Republic of Rixxes, controlled and ruled over by many leaders. The Republic is now at the height of its power, with fleets, squadrons and colonies spread throughout the galaxy in an effort to have peaceful control. However, civil wars have erupted during the Republic's time. 

The Republic attempted to assist the Beltamar Union in a interstellar war. However, they lost and were set back thousands of years in their development into a major power.

Weather & Climate

The average temperature on Rexisa is around -5.5 C which allows for a frigid climate. Hurricanes are common, along with rain, snow and thunderstorms. Roughly less than 15% of all thunderstorms form a tornado; most tornadoes have wind speeds of 150 mph, compared to hurricanes with 300 mph.

Rain drops appear larger due to the lower gravitational pull of the planet. They may grow up to 4 cm in length and width. Both rain and snow will also fall slower, also due to the planet's gravity.

The axial tilt of 29 degrees allows for a mixture of calm and dangerous climate, including strong hurricanes and extremely heavy rainfall and snowfall.


Scattered across the planet are animals and plants, many with entirely different characteristics. Trees exist in large groups, properly known as forests, woods or woodlands, further inland and away from oceans of water where too much water can drown the plants. These trees usually grow to 20 meters tall with ivy, creeping down the side and hanging off the tree's large leaves. The trees have strange, large leaves, an indication that they get more energy through photosynthesis.

Creatures have made their own habitats, especially inside forests where 90% of all creatures live. The remaining 10% burrow within the ground to escape the frigid temperatures at night. The Rexisian soil has nutrients and even spare energy, collected by the sun during day-time, that plants require to survive on. 

One of the most iconic animals on Rexisa are the tall, balloon-like creatures that float around the atmosphere, carried along the jet streams to cross large distances. Inside their unusually large lungs are gases like helium to help them rise into the sky. If they are to lower themselves, they release helium back into the atmosphere. They only land on the ground to feed off the nutrients in the soil. They collect their energy through two ways: mating (by sharing their energy between each other) and photosynthesis.

Ceetia are tall, humanoid creatures (about 3 meters tall for both males and females) that appear purple in colour with glowing, green eyes, sometimes an indication of affection for another. Their eyes will turn an evil red to show others a sense of anger within them. On their chest is also another glowing object which is a way for each other to show their need for offspring. Their teeth are extremely sharp which is used for eating meat with ease. Their hands and feet have extremely sharp nails; mostly used for climbing steep hills and injuring other animals for meat.