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"Rhea is the Granary of the Lewis Galaxy, one of the oldest farming worlds, known for its delicious food, its abundance and its fertility. This land is also home for refugees. It was founded by Mitrans and many of its fashion and savoir vivre have influenced the Planet's culture. Rhea's cuisine is famous all over the Empire, and apparently makes the delicacy of the Current Emperor, Ashalon II Tarnos. Idyllic peasant life can be seen in many areas and fabulous cities with dynamic exporting industries are also everywhere. Rheanians are humble people, very loyal and very close to foreigners, although sometimes known as very stubborn individuals. Its the home base of the Ibaren Family, and the source of its wealth." —  Senator Maes Prim

Rhea is a Terran World, located in the Harias System. It is orbiting a Carbon Star, being the other body a stable Black Hole. The relative distance between the Carbon Star and the Black hole, has allowed the planets around this star to stabilized and thrive for millions of years. It is located in the Lewis Galaxy and deep into Herschel Space. It is famously known as being one of the Agrarian Center of the Empire of Mankind to which it Belongs.

This Planet is famous for being the main Agri-World of the Lewis Galaxy. Most of its economic activity is derived out of Farming and Food production. It has also been famous for being a main center of the Agrarian industry and machinery. The Biggest Agronome and Farming University of the Empire is located here. The Cities are technological centers for Manufacturing and Export Trade related with Food Trading and Building of Machinery for Agriculture. The Oceans have big desalination plants that pump water for the large fields. However, Most of the Used water is imported from nearby Oceania Like Planets in order to preserve the Integrity and preservation of the Local Oceans and Water Sources, which are mostly used for the Population's needs.


The Planet was Colonized in 22,091 CE by settlers from Mitra. The Planet was one of the main planets to be colonized by the early Republic of Elpida, and thus it forms part of the Core Worlds and the Ancient Worlds of the Empire. Later, some colonist flocked here, most notably, settlers from Oyata came in large numbers. Oyatan Culture has been preserved in some areas of the Planet and Oyata traditional food is very popular in Rhea. Other Colonist from different Planets have come to this planet due to its buoyant economy and abundance of food, which is somehow limited in border worlds of the Empire, mostly in those underdevelopment known as Colony Worlds.

The Planet rebelled during the Nobility War. It is the Home of the Ibaren Family, but later, the planet finally surrender to the Emperor and the Family was spare. Later on, during the War of the Two Emperors, the Planet remained loyal to Kador V for most of the war. This made the Planet pretty much a destination for war torn planets during this conflict. Rhea was also granted special benefits by the Emperor thanks to its loyalty.

View of Rhea

In the Relative's War, the Planet suffered some damaged, as it was taken by Hannakon forces and retaken by Imperial forces several times until it was finally consolidated under the Empress Aranis II rule.

During the War against the Union, the Planet was attacked by the Union. It was partially occupied during a military invasion, but the Unionist forces and the Guerrilla Warfare finally expelled the Unionist troops.


The Planet has 6 continents, Idon, Salkadan, Torran, Daldana, Mienor and Odaxia. Although Odaxia and Salkadan could be consider subcontinents of a Large Continent and merge into one. Rhea has two Oceans: the Samian Ocean, which is large and a busy trading hub between Mienor, Salkadan, Odaxia, Torran, Idon and Daldana, while the other one is the Tolkadian Ocean, which is narrow but with a very rich abundant life, between Salkadan, Idon and Odaxia.

  • Idon: Its the largest and most populous of the Continents, however has an average population density due to the extensive crops and fields that extend throughout the entire continent. The City of Unbaul is the largest city in the continent and the second largest in the Planet
  • Salkadan: Its the second largest in population and is based mostly on agricultural production. The Main Agronomy University of the Empire and main Research Agri-Centers are located in this continent. The City of Telgan is the third largest in the Planet and is where the University is located. There are important Oyatan communities in the continent.
  • Mienor: Its the third largest in population, but the most densely populated of them all. The Continent is as well the smallest one and due to its tiny size is not centered on agricultural production. Most of it is centered around trade, exports and manufacturing of machinery for the Fields as well as several food processing industries. The city of Galdakar is the Largest and one of the oldest in the entire Planet.
  • Torran: The Continent is used for Machinery production and Crop production as well. The city of Hodain is an important city, and the Fourth Largest, used mostly as the agricultural base of the continent and use for shipping most of the production to Mienor. The Lands of Torran are mostly used as well for animal herding and large fauna and flora reserves exist here. The Tourist industry is also quite important. There is an important Oyatan Community in this continent.
  • Odaxia: Its sparsely populated and extensively cropped. Most of the Land is used for agriculture and no really big centers exist. Only the Big city of Meranon lies in the highly dense shores of the planet. This city also exports most of its production to Mienor, to be processed or exported. Some areas of Odaxia have been preserved for the local fauna and flora and are also used for touristic purposes. The Planet also has some large Chemical and Tool production. Some of the Land is too cold for agriculture, mostly in the south, and are used for other purposes, such as mining, extraction or energy.
  • Daldana: It's the coldest and the most infertile continent of the Planet. Most of it is covered by a large Icecap. The Only populated area is located towards the East and is mostly used for Energy Production for the Entire Planet as well as mining and resource extraction. The Main city is Bauldin.
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Fauna and Flora

Rhea Location in the Lewis Galaxy.jpg
Location of Rhea in the Lewis Galaxy
The Aforia, an agricultural plant native to planet Anar, that was brought by Anarian colonist to Elpida after the Anarian Fever incident is popular currently in Rhea. The Plant flourished in some areas of Elpida, and adapted well and merge perfectly fine with Elpida's ecosystem. The Plant then was used for agriculture in many Planets.

When settlers from Mitra came to colonize Rhea, they brought the Plant with them and large crops of it were planted in the Planet.

This is not the only crop, up to 270 different crops can be seen planted on a large scale, and up to 3440 classes are planted on a smaller scale. Some are local to Rhea and some are imported from other Worlds of the Empire and other Lewis Nations, with some even, like the Gor, from Aldorian Worlds. This Plant in Rhea is not the only alien harvested one, since many plants come from Alien Nations as well.

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