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Rheon is a temperate planet in the Orithiya Sector of Via Aylathiya


Rheon orbits the larger of two red dwarf stars in a binary syatem. It is a world of varying climates and biomes such as forests, mountains, oceans and vast expanses of snowy tundra.


It was discovered by the Starlight Envoy after successfully passing through an artificial wormhole and ending up in the planet's system The amount of impact craters in the surface immediately caught the attention of the crew on the Starlight Envoy.


While the cause of the craters has not yet been identified, Human explorers have concluded that a severely cataclysmic event happened in its past, most likely asteroid impacts. This caused several major extinction events and may also be the reason for the planet's extremely slow rotation.


An aging world, Rheon has been home to three intelligent species, the current being the Torcans.

The first intelligent race inhabited Rheon around 5 billion years ago, referred to as the " First Ones" by the Torcans when translated. Almost nothing is known about them as their civilization has completely eroded away and is lost to time. However, it is possible that they might have been similar to the Mayans in terms of lifestyle and culture.

The second race to inhabit Rheon was the Nianthr, however, unlike the First Ones, the Nianthr were more advanced and even had colonies on some other planets in their system judging by ruins discovered by Torcan spacecraft as well as ancient mechanical constructs around the gas giant Pertinax (A5). It is unknown what the Nianthrs looked like however they were around 6-7 feet tall and could have been insectoid/reptilian in appearance. It is presumed that the Nianthr were wiped out by asteroid impacts although since they seemed to have been a planetary civilization, it is possible that some of them might have left Rheon's system and colonized elsewhere in Via Aylathiya. If so, then they (or their descendants) could still be out there. While most of their previous civilization has faded away overtime, the eroded/overgrown ruins of stone pyramidal temples still stand as the last touch of Nianthr civilization on Rheon.

The Torcans are the current race living on Rheon. They are vaguely reptilian, stand around 4ft tall and live in small cities consisting of tall, spire-like buildings. Torcan technology is similar to 21st century humanity and have already set up their own space station orbiting Rheon. Their transport consists of solar powered, hover vehicles which they use to traverse between cities. Torcans live for around 120 years.


While the cultures of the previous two civilizations remains a mystery, the Torcans' culture has been studied. They don't seem to have any religous beliefs and romance isn't a thing to them either as they only mate to reproduce. When their offspring hatches, usually one of the parents leaves to find another mate while the other takes care of the child. Violence and war is unknown to them as well as they seem to naturally be a pacifist race and don't have any weapons. There doesn't seem to be any leaders either as they seem to function fine without one.


While the Torcans seem like a peaceful race, the crew of the Starlight Envoy have decided to leave them alone and let them continue to develop undisturbed. With that in mind, they returned through the wormhole, which the Torcans are unaware of.