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The Rifters were a magical race of conceivably omnipotent energy-based entities indigenous to the Palioxis Starfield, birthed by the very void itself. The Rifters have been the most critical and essential race of the Starfield, being directly responsible for its formation. After the Oculus was destroyed by the inflitration of mystical energies in the midst of a great conflict renowned as Great Primordia's War, an atomic rift between the Starfield and Realspace spawned. This rift prompted the Photonic Boom, an unbounded energetic burst which forged the Starfield and its matter.

Many billions of years ago, the Rifters were mindless entities with very little intellect, incapable of comprehending even the most fundamental concepts. The Rifters started to flourish into more sentient beings over billions of years, attaining absolute self awareness in two billion years.  The Rifters learned how to manipulate the Quintessence (the name given to the fabric of space-time at that time) in a surprisingly short period of time. They could initially spawn forth the primordial versions of the fundamental forces of nature. After a long time, the Rifters figured out how to bring microscopic bits of matter into being, something no other entities could ever hope to do.

The Rifters first interacted with one another by crafting bizarre glyphs. The Rifters would then recognize the pattern of these runes, as each one signified a distinct word. This would then develop into a more complicated system of writing known as Riftspeak. Riftspeak was first used by a tiny proportion of Rifters, but as a byproduct of their collective consciousness, the entire race proceeded to converse utilizing it. Ever since, it has been the principal subject of many linguists. Riftspeak is even utilized as the predominant fashion of communication by certain non-Rifter cultures, particularly in heavily religious cultures.

Soon afterward, the Rifters became aware of the fragile nature of the Quintessence, recognizing that producing massive amounts of substance would destabilize it and bring their existence to a disappointing end. The Rifters built vessels to embed their energy within in order to better interact with the matter they created. Such bodies were personalized to each Rifter's desires, but they were usually represented with a standard 'anthropomorphic' design, which was considered to be the most effective and agile at the time. With their enhanced capabilities, they devised a slew of novel gadgets in an effort to stabilize the Quintessence. The Arzia Storthan was forged over thousands of tries. This spherical apparatus sustained the Quintessence by collecting and 'purifying' it within through complicated subatomic reactions that science has not yet identified. The Arzia Storthan's only flaw was its narrow choice, as it could only stabilize the Quintessence in a two-million-kilometer diameter.

Nerix Kreelasia, a substantial 'island' suspended in animation within the recently stabilized Quintessence, was swiftly forged. Nerix Kreelasia began as a big lump of stones, but the Rifters soon fashioned it to their desire. The first settlements were established, rivaling even the largest modern-day urban centers. These communities held millions upon billions of individual Rifters, the precise number of which is unknown. The Rifters soon began to give rise to the Starfield's first organisms. Initially, they created sophisticated yet primitive microscopic organisms, which rapidly replicated and were predated by the most basic of lifeforms. The Rifters would extensively alter these species. As a result, some of these species blatantly violated logic and natural laws.

The true form of the five corrupted Rifters

The Rifters unearthed Abysmia, an alternate existential plane coexisting with the Starfield, thousands of years after the creation of Nerix Kreelasia. Void Energy, one of the very few known forces that governs the Rifters, would dominate Abysmia. While the Starfield contains Void Energy, it does not corrupt or harm the Rifters in the same way that it does in Abysmia. Initially, the Rifters had restricted access to it, albeit it was occasionally visited through hallucinations created by Void Energy pouring into the Starfield via subatomic fissures. After discovering how to harness Quintessence in order to fully reach Abysmia, a group of five Rifters known as the Primia were dispatched on a voyage to investigate it for potential resources and greater scientific understanding. The Rifters hadn't returned in years, and they were thought to be deceased, the first of the Rifters to perish like that. The Rifters resurfaced millennia later, but they were significantly altered. They appeared to have been manipulated by the perpetual doom that pervades Abysmia. What was revealed about Abysmia was distressing. This corruption is the result of Void Energy exerting agonizing influence on the Rifters while they were psychotic. In Abysmia, time would flow several thousand times slower, making a thousand years last a million years. The Rifters' sensory input vanished throughout that time, as if they had merged with the dark abyss that engulfed Abysmia.

The Primia, a collective of five Rifters who returned from Abysmia, were imprisoned in a particularly unique inescapable prison, a pocket dimension of unbounded darkness known as the Shidia. The Primia's powers were initially severely diminished upon their return to the Starfield, and this was thought to be the case for an indefinite amount of time. Unfortunately, the Rifters regained their abilities and managed to break free from their chains yet again. Once they came back a second time, they remained concealed from the overall population, gradually causing havoc across the entire Rifter civilization. The Primia mistakenly unveiled a sizable rift to Tartarus, a lower existential plane coexisting with the Starfield while seeking to destroy Arzia Storthan at Nerix Kreelasia's center. Tartarus was sparsely populated by demonic entities bent on death and agony, and they began infiltrating the Starfield with a colossal quantity of demons. These demons had the ability to substantially dismantle the Rifters' prospective strength, reverting them to thoughtless entities of magical energy they were in the past. This signaled the beginning of Great Primordia's War, a century-long conflict between demons and the Rifters. At first, the Rifters did a superb job of continuing to push the demons and annihilating them, however the demons shortly pushed back and brought numerous Rifters to near-death.

During the war, Nerix Kreelasia was totally demolished and warped, though Azaria Storthan remained, albeit in a nearly-broken condition. It was lost for many years, suspended in the deep dark abyss. During the final year of the conflict, a gathering of nine Rifters known as the Klani would discover how to modify the Quintessence to close the rift, though it was fortified by the fiercest of demons capable of bringing the Rifters to their knees. The Klani began formulating a strategy to get close enough to annihilate the rift, and soon invented the nine Astral Xanhri, potent weapons technically competent of disrupting and eradicating the Quitessence wholly in a particular region. The Celestial Xanhri were fully constructed after a month of continuous fabrication in a confidential area, and by risking their own existence, the Klani succeeded in demolishing the rift and eradicating the demons, although this devices didn't function successfully, erasing most of the Quintessence and only leaving tiny bubbles. The entire Rifter race was then sucked within Abysmia via a rift which generated as a result of the event.

Billions of years after the Rifters were exiled to Abysmia, a group of seven Rifters managed to liberate themselves from the abyss and return to the Starfield. As a consequence, there was widespread bewilderment among them, as the Starfield was nothing like it had been prior to the Photonic Boom. Soon after, the Rifters understood what had transpired while they were absent. Because they had been confined in Abysmia for an undetermined period of time, they had evolved a resistance to Void Energy, the consequences of which were also neutralized. Regardless, each of these Rifters were initially interested by the lesser forms of life that began to colonize the Starfield. Many primitive and sophisticated cultures soon recognized these Rifters as the Elder Gods. In many religions, the Elder Gods were elevated to the status of gods and goddesses who allegedly created existence prior to the creation of the Universe. The Elder Gods so far haven't caused any kind of mass destruction, staying hidden from the population, observing them from afar. One of several explanations for this is because the Elder Gods are now bound by the Primordial Singularity, which greatly restricts their power. Nonetheless, the Elder Gods remain one of the Starfield's most powerful entities.


Collective Consciousness

Instead of each Rifter having their own consciousness, they are all linked to a single central consciousness into which all of the Rifters' thoughts and actions are depicted into. As an outcome, Rifters lack the ability to think for themselves. Nonetheless, this has been shown to have more beneficial than negative attributes. This collective consciousness managed to evolve around the same time that the Rifters were developed enough to have thought and sensory perceptions.

This collective consciousness has preserved the Starfield repeatedly and has tremendously assisted the Rifters' development. As an example, every one of the Rifters determined that enough matter can destabilize the already volatile Quintessence and bring their physical existence to a halt. The Starfield wouldn't have formed in any way, shape, or form, and the Rifters would have been exiled to non-existence forever. Without collective consciousness, it would have taken trillions of years for the Rifters to discover how to influence the Quintessence or manifest matter into being.


Whenever the Rifters reach their full potential, they will become the most powerful entities in existence, capable of absolute omnipotence and virtually boundless force. The Rifters' power would be genuinely endless, as they would be able to create entire alternate planes or universes of their own, yet this is a theory that could very well be incorrect. At that time, any other beings apart from the Rifters would be either protected or condemned for eternity. Nonetheless, there are a few forces or entities that can limit or halt the development of Rifters, such as the Cosmic Primordia or the Primordial Singularity. The vast timeframe required for the Rifters to evolve to that level is inconceivable, dwarfed even by the death of the Universe.

Since the Primordial Singularity is significantly more powerful than them and halts their expansion, the Elder Gods will never reach their full capacity in existing predictive models of the future. Even if the Primordial Singularity gets annihilated, the nature of the Cosmic Primordia will most likely limit the Elder Gods' omnipotence in some aspects, but this may be inaccurate and the Rifters may be able to end the Cosmic Primordia or even creation itself.


Manipulation of the Quitessence, also known as Quintesia, is one of the Rifters' more useful and powerful attributes. Quintesia allows for a wide range of effects and manifestations to occur, including the creation of matter, which completely disregards all known known laws of physics. This skill has been the sole reason for the Rifters' relative success in development. Without Quintesia, the Rifters would not have been able to interact with the physical universe, preventing them from destroying the Oculus and initiating the process that led to the formation of the Starfield.

Initially, the Quintessence would only be used to generate artificial gravitational wells by the Rifters. This served no real purpose, though soon they figured out how to manipulate the Quintessence to craft the first particles in the Starfield. They began by figuring out how to make subatomic particles, which resulted in the first protons, neutrons, and electrons. The first atoms were shaped soon afterward, accompanied by complex molecules and, finally, comparatively tiny clumps of material. This matter would be shaped in a number of different ways, including forging the physical vessels wherein the Rifters would inscribe their magical energies in order to interact more effectively with the matter they had conceived.



The Rifters have proven to be immortal, despite their enormous power. The reason for this is simple: since the magical energy that the Rifters are comprised of is non-physical and therefore does not contact with the material universe in any manner, decimating it would be inconceivable.Nonetheless, this tsupernatural energy can be severely transformed to a state of near-death, existing on the fine line between life and death altogether. Each of the Rifters has been condemned with immortality, destined to remain until the end of time and creation, imprisoned in being with no escape, a heart wrenching destiny for any being.

Unfortunately, certain occurrences have the ability to annihilate the Rifters. Among of these would be the demise of Lux Aeterna, since all Rifter magical energy is reliant over its existence. Another possibility is the death of the Universe, because the Rifters will no longer be tethered by any force, thereby destroying their existence. The final scenario would be the complete destruction of Primordia's Inheritance, the mysterious force which bound together the Starfield well before the Photonic Boom. Despite the fact that this force was inexplicably annihilated, its remnants are still embedded in every Rifter. The five Rifters from the first Rifter voyage to Abysmia were initially believed to be deceased. This was not the case, since they were able to live and thrive even after the influence of Void Energy totally altering their form.


Elder Gods

The Elder Gods, also regarded as the Celestials, are a group of seven Rifters that broke free from their bonds deep within Abysmia and ascended to the Starfield after billions (or, in their case, more than trillions) of years of continual degradation and corruption. The Elder Gods of Abysmia developed a high tolerance for the deteriorating Void Energy, which also began to gradually restore the cruel processes that they had endured. The Elder Gods were able to re-enter the Starfield some three billion years ago, yet the Starfield would be in a very different form than it was before, leaving them perplexed regarding the nature of the Starfield. The Elder Gods would have nearly infinite influence over the Starfield and its nature in current times, albeit most of their power is restrained by the Primordial Singularity, the only entity more formidable than them.

The Elder Gods are often seen as peaceful entities, frequently gazing over the development of countless species from afar. In some circumstances, the Elder Gods were able to incorporate themselves into these species' society in order to gain a deeper understanding of them. Only in their first millions of years in the Starfield did the Elder Gods bring death and ruin, but after they grew a better knowledge of the Starfield's fragile nature, all carnage was halted. The Elder Gods periodically interact with the Primordial Singularity in ways that current science does not grasp. Both entities have learned a great deal about the Starfield's past and present.

The Elder Gods were widely recognized as the Cosmic Deities in ancient Zaraeth societies, and included Zero and Ceres as the rightful rulers of the Universe, with Apollo as its sole creator. Such statements are still believed in a few Zaraeth religions that predated these ancient religions, despite scientific proof proving that none of this is truly the case. Almost all other religions centered on the Elder Gods presume comparable presumptions. The Vanheirs are one of the few species whose cultures revolve around the Elder Gods as evil spirits sent to progressively corrupt and wipe out the entire Universe.








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