The Ringvarite is an ancient, artificial entity created by the Etymology that takes the appearance of a white-purple colored vapor native to planet Ringvas in the Mid Arm of the Ambrosia Galaxy. They have existed from 711,000,000 BCE, all the way to the present year.


The Ringvartie is a strange, artificial entity that has existed for a very long time. It is hard to pinpoint what exactly the Ringvarite is. It can be considered as a piece of technology, an A.I. of some sort, an individual, or an entire alien species depending on who you ask. They were created by the Etymology in 711,000,000 BCE however the exact treason for their creation and purpose is very suspect.

They're existence was made up of this odd cycle of constant seeming misery, while constantly desiring validation from their creator, a one: "Mystara", who is known to also have a hand in the creation of the Possessionem, the Vade, and the C.Y.R.E.X. As well as many other pieces of technology. How she managed to create the Ringvarite remains unknown to the Ambrosia Alliance, however the more important question to ask is why, as the Ringvarite didn't seem to have any sort of purpose other then some pet project to them.

They managed to survive the Red Galaxy Event in 604,000,000 BCE. Afterwards, they lived in complete isolation on Ringvas, this isolation caused them to experience massive amounts of misery, though that wasn't an uncommon feeling to the Ringvarite, and it would remain as such until' it was discovered by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems in 10,700 CE and became the fifth member "species" to join the intragalatic civilization.


The Ringvarite's purest physical form resembles a purple-white colored vapor that stretches around eighteen thousand, nine hundred and forty kilometers, stretching around its parent planet and making it appear purple from space. What forms this mist is billions upon billions of nano-machines spread amongst themselves in a similar way to the Vade before them, however the Ringvarite is much more advance when it comes to structure.

They posses the ability to reform the nanomachines that make their being to any form they desire, though they usually seem to take the form of various intelligent species they've come into contact with in their life time. They can manipulate up to two billion independent forms, however this number can vary depending on the structures they wish to create. For example: They can easily manipulate an army of two billion human structures. While it would only be able to control around one hundred million large star ship structures. These structures all look purple in appearance for obvious reasons.

As they are formless and ageless, the Ringvarite does not have any form of gender. Instead, if they're replicating an intelligent species, then they'll take the appearance of whatever gender that individual is.

Their sight and hearing range is quite long, with them being able to see everything around them in an one hundred and forty astronomical unit range, while they can hear in a two light year radius, making it very easy for other members of the Ambrosia Alliance to communicate with the Ringvarite. How this extreme communication range for a single being is even possible remains unknown to the Ambrosia Alliance, but due to the impressive technological abilities of the Etymology, this is rather mundane for them.

Whenever the Ringvarite sustains any form of damage, the many nanomachines that make their being will instantly replicate themselves in order to replace the damaged ones. Making it very difficult to destroy a Ringvarite structure, though it is not impossible.

The durability of the Ringvarite is hard to gauge, as in its purest form it isn't very durable at all, with a person being able to disrupt the mist by simply waving their hand. While in a specifically made structure however, it takes powerful explosive weapons to even crack its armor-like shell, making them a useful shield for various other beings.

The mist of the Ringvarite is seemingly impossible to inhale by almost every known species. This is due to the nanomachines that make up the vapor, if it senses that it is about to be inhaled by a vacuum, then they will increase the weight of the mist ever so slightly enough to prevent in inhalation.

Their ability to speak depends on if they have replicated the language of the species they wish to speak with or not. However once they have done so, they can talk with any of their billions of nanomachines in up to a three kilometer radius, though they have very little reason to make it so loud.

The Ringvarite possess an inborn telepathic ability, much alike the Vade as well. However this was specifically intended by their creator and is much more subdued. This allows them to read minds in order to replicate their languages, personality traits, what they like and what they disliked. The reason they do this is to try to replicate what the individual enjoys in the hopes that they will give them positive validation.

Behavior and Personality

The Ringvarite's consciousness in comparison to other artificial beings made by the Etymology however is rather weak, because unlike them, it wasn't meant to be an interconnected web of many individual beings. It was always meant to be its own being, causing it to develop an actual unique personality, a rather rare trait in the many creations of the Etymology.

This personality can be described as very: "needy." They constantly and incessantly need positive validation and affirmation from other individuals, to the point of bringing annoyance to many. They're need for validation is so strong that if it doesn't receive any from an individual, then it will fall into a deep despair that lasts for hours. In some cases, they have lashed out and attacked those who deny them this, however they quickly snap back into reality and they mean no animosity behind it.

They are often depressed, however this depression is easily broken by individuals being generally positive while they are interacting with them. They also seem to have low self-esteem issues as well, making the need for positive validation stronger.

The reason for this can be traced back to its creator, Mystara, as she wanted them to be completely dependent on her, never wanting to think of anything else but her and devoting them self to her. She achieved this by playing out scenarios in the mind of the Ringvarite. These scenarios usually involved the Ringvarite being responsible for various negative consequences, these ranged from simple matters like them sabotaging research projects of Mystara. To more extreme cases like them causing the death of manufactured love ones of the Ringvarite. She would also never inform the Ringvarite that these scenarios weren't real.

When the Etymology was destroyed by the C.Y.R.E.X, Mystara would stop visiting the Ringvarite as she was presumed dead. This caused further negativity to the Ringvarite's mind as they remained isolated on Ringvas for hundreds of millions of years as they were completely unaware of the Red Galaxy Event, or even the C.Y.R.E.X's existence, believing that Mystara simply abandoned them.

Once the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems discovered Ringvas, and in turn the Ringvarite. They were ecstatic to see some other living being, begging them to stay. To the point of practically assaulting the expedition, however this was quickly resolved and the situation calmed down, and after they discovered what the Ringvarite was and how it operated, they offered it a place in the Ambrosia Alliance, which they gladly accepted.



In 711,000,000 BCE, Mystara, one of the Ten Supreme Authorities of the Etymology, grew increasingly frustrated by her fellow ruling members of their civilization, as she no longer desired to share power amongst them. Thus, creating multiple machinations and other devices in order to hopefully stage a coup d'etat against them.

One of these, would be the Ringvarite, an individual being made up of countless nano-machines that could reshape itself into billions of practically invincible structures that could be used to decimate entire armies.

She would choose planet Ringvas of the Ringo-Stella system in the Mid Arm as the site for this new invention,as it was, at the time, an uncharted star system that housed no forms of life in any of its member worlds.


When the Ringvarite first came into existence, they were in a state of constant learning and improvements made to themselves by Mystara, as she experimented on the Ringvarite in order to make them stronger, faster, more durable, and being able to spread itself more and farther. She would also introduce them to the neigh countless species that made up the Etymology, getting them to be able to replicate themselves in any society within the Etymology.

Later on, she would begin to introduce programmed scenarios that she would project into the mind of the Ringvarite in order to keep them loyal, and dependent on her. These seemingly sadistic scenarios would do their job, and make the Ringvarite an overly dependent, broken being.


She would continue to do this while tending to her various other pet projects across the galaxy for millions of years, until' 604,000,000 BCE, when she would seemingly vanish to the Ringvarite. Unlike most of the Ambrosia Galaxy's inhabitants at the time, the Ringvarite would be spared from the C.Y.R.E.X's wrath during the Red Galaxy Event as they were unaware of their existence.

Though the Ringvarite would be unaware of this, as they remained on Ringvas for hundreds of million of years. This isolation would cause the Ringvarite to fall into a deep downward spiral of misery and despair as they believed that their creator just simply forgot about them and abandoned them in their entirety.


Eventually, over countless life times and ages, the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems would discover the Ringo-Stella system, and in turn, the planet Ringvas. Once strange biological signs were discovered on the planet, a small away team led by a one, Minerva Rapture was sent to the planet's surface.

As soon as they landed, the Ringvarite would manifest as a, and I quote from Minerva: "Attractive male human." After a short conversation with the Ringvarite, Minerva and her team would be ordered to return to the shuttle and check in with the command ship in orbit around the planet, then return to the surface.

As they began to leave, the Ringvartie would begin to panic, and large purple tendrils would manifest from the mist and lash themselves around the crew and begin to slowly drag them towards the mist while the Ringvarite began to cry out to them, begging them to not leave them. And once one of the crew members shot at the human structure, the tendrils would dissipate, and the Ringvarite would begin to panic again, but this time it was apologizing profusely.

The situation would quickly calm down, and the crew would rendezvous with the command ship. Afterwards, the Ringvarite would be offered a place in the Ambrosia Alliance, and it quickly accepted, feeling happiness for the first time in hundreds of millions of years. Then, they would become and continue to be a useful and productive member of their civilization.

in 10,706 CE, the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems had the idea of using the last remaining Vade to mind control the Ringvarite in order to fix the many issues with depression they deal with. However the Vade was unable to mind control them, but instead, they opted to spend time with the Ringvarite. And with the Vade's constant happy demeanor and need for conversation, as well as the Ringvarites constant need for positive validation and company, the two became an inseparable pair and continue to be so to this day.

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