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Rodaun is a middle-class spiral galaxy which exists in Herschel Space. It is the birthplace of the Aldorian species, who greatly expanded into this Galaxy, but humans from the Lewis Galaxy soon settled here and nowadays they share it with the Aldorians. The Aldorians in turn have also settled in the Lewis Galaxy.



  • 6.5 billion BCE - 62 million BCE

The Galaxy formed around 6.5 Billion years ago as a cloud of dust that collapsed by gravity into the currently known Rodaun.. It became stable and with it's first signs of life somewhere around 62 million years BCE (or 6.2 Billion years ago).

The Unknown Eras Period

  • 62 million BCE to 10 million BCE

It has been suggested that a civilization (or even more than one) might have existed in this period, although it is not really known for sure. All the records are shrouded in mystery and most of the remains have disappeared. It is very much impossible to know if any intelligent life had presence over in the galaxy by this time period.

S'aka Era

  • 7.8 million BCE - 6 million BCE

A mysterious species known as the S'aka, is believed to have come from the Lewis Galaxy, being one of the most important species in the known universe at the time. They apparently, did not encounter other highly advanced civilizations in Rodaun when they arrived. They are believed to be highly pacifistic and focus on unity, absorbing even large quantities of intelligent species into their ranks while leaving primitive species to their own demises, under their protection. For the species to be elevated to join ranks with the S'aka, it seems like they had to achieve certain requirements in their civilization before. Otherwise, they were protected and left alone to evolve naturally by themselves.

Somewhere around 6 million years ago, the S'aka trascended somewhere. It is believed that they might have achieved large mastery of science and transfer themselves to another dimension or plane of existence higher than this one. Many have attributed the construction of Wormholes and large hyperspace connections to the S'aka. They apparently built up most of the routes linking the Herschel Space Galaxies.

Empty Era

  • 6 million BCE - 5.5 million BC

This period lasted from 6 million years BCE to 5.5 million years BCE. Not much is known of this period but it is believe that life took long time to recover for some reason and the abscense of large civilizations has surprised many experts. On the contrary, fauna and flora achieved great stages of evolution and diversification. By 5.8 million years ago, the first primitive cultures began to emerge and by 5.6 million years ago, many began to be space fearing covering small areas within the Galaxy. It was then in 5.5 million years ago that the Durzi became the dominant nation within the Galaxy.

Durzis Era

  • 5.5 million BCE - 4 million BCE

One of the first civilizations known within Rodaun was the Durzis, it was a species who's homeworld was named Gazun, believed to be known currently as the modern world of Kisna. It's birth as a civilization is believed to be 5.5 million years ago. The end of their civilization began with the invasion of the Telusians. They were enslaved by them and their civilization as a whole ended. They were one of the main slaves within Rodaun and even Durzis remains have been found in considerable quantities in some areas of the Avana Galaxy. This suggest some sort of force deportation of Durzi slaves into Avana.

The Durzis were more warrior like in their ancient past, but aparently found S'aka remains and texts, learning from them. This meant that they became more pacifistic and adopted the cultures they encountered by spreading the S'aka teachings to which they began worshipping, abandonning their own old believes. Their pasiviness led to the Telusians conquering them. By the time of the conquest the Durzis tried to bring the Telusians into their religion but the Telusians had no care for the S'aka from a foreign galaxy to theirs. The Durzis then became more warrior like, due to necesity and thanks to S'aka artifacts they mantain a long fight with the Obi'ka but eventually end up loosing. To avoid the Telusians to gain control of the S'aka, most of it was either destroyed or carefully preserved. In recent times a large Durzis gallery with S'aka artifacts and knowledge gathered by them was encountered. In fact, substantial knowledge of the S'aka comes from the Durzis archeological studies on them, as well as the work they did to preserve their artifacts for later generations to explore.

It is highly assumed that the Klakhun might be descendants of devolved Durzi survivors within Rodaun.

Telusian Era

  • 4 million BCE - 3.5 million BCE

The large civilization that took control of several Herschel Galaxies appear here somewhere in the 4 million years ago. It ended with the control of most of Rodaun and the enslavement of most of the local species. In the years after their fall, they ended very much divided. The Telusian period is divided in three mayor Eras. Experts new of the Telusian existence ever since the colonization of Iskadi. However, they did not know the exact location of their home Galaxy until they colonized Avana. Xeno-experts knew the nature of Telusians as extra-galactic, but had not yet found which one was their home Galaxy. For centuries it was believed that Rodaun had to be their home galaxy. It was later confirm it wasnt, due to older archeological finds and records in Avana who led to the discovery of Telusia, their homeworld.

The Great Chaos, was a period in the history of the Telusians that ended up with great divisions within the Empire. Rodaun was divided into a myriad of smaller states who fought themselves for conquest and domination with weapons that were too powerful for them to even understand. Eventually, this led to isolation, massive destructions and eventual extinction of the Telusians. Many travelled back to Avana trying to scape the desolation of Rodaun. Thus by 3.5 million BCE, Telusian records disappear from the fossil remains.

First Intermedian Rodaun Era

  • 3.5 million BCE - 3.1 million BCE

This era saw a period of stagnation in the history of Rodaun. Massive destruction took long time to recover from the devastation of the Telusians in The Great Chaos. By the end of the period, by 3.2 and 3.1 million BCE, the Galaxy saw a sharply and steady recovery from the ancient Telusian period leading to the formation of several civilizations.

Zgnaz Era

  • 3.1 million BCE - 2.5 million BCE

Believed to be a primitive species conquered by the Telusians, they rapidly recovered from stagnation and fall. Some have suggested they were either survival of the Durzis or the Telusians themselves, but most theories regard them as descendant of a primitive species enslaved by the Telusians. Their ancestral homeworld was thus a mystery but their capital was the world was Genezg. They called themselves with different names, and this has been a subject of debate among Xeno-archeologists. Some think the Zgnaz called themseves so in times of peace and Gnaruasgi or Rgasugzi, most comonly called by humans "Raruadi" ( which is a named that reach humans through Axon translators, meaning it was the name used by the Axons for the war name the Zgnaz used.)

The Zgnaz were displaced by the Axons and through early war of conquest and later assimilation of the Zgnaz, the Axon seems to have been the main cause of the crumbling of the Axon civilization. Some have even speciulated that the Kerox was manufactured specifically to exterminate the Axons. Their former capital world of Genezg has still a primitive society in it. Seemingly descendants of the old Zgnaz survivors known as Genegzians.

Axon Era

  • 2.5 million BCE - 2.05 million BCE

The Axons arrived looking after Telusian artifacts. They conquered vast areas of the Galaxy but did not have control over all of it. It is believed that they had a long war with a species called "Vavari" or "Raruadi" (which were in fact the Zgnaz as the Axon called them) in the non-conquered areas of the Galaxy.

Second Intermedian Rodaun Era

  • 2.05 million BCE - 1.2 million BCE

A dead period for the Galaxy. During this period most of the Galaxy was going through intensive recovery. It seems like no major civilizations arrived from abroad or were created within Rodaun. Most of life recovered from the Kerox sickness.

Foshox Era

  • 1.2 million BCE - 900 000 BCE

This civilization came from the Fossos and the Ihox species and civilizations. Both arose around the same period, in between 1.250 000 million BCE and 1.200 000 million BCE. They had a war that lastet for 100 000 years but ended in 1.1 million BCE by complete merge. This gave rise to the Foshox civilization. They lasted for other 100 000 BCE but apparently, the Fossos anf the Ihox began to split again with massive internal conflicts and tensions that gave rise to a Civil War that erased their civilization by the 900 000 BCE. The last 100 000 years, between 1 million BCE and their end in 900 000 BCE were crumbled by a steady march into destruction.

Third Intermedian Rodaun Era

  • 900 000 BCE to 50 000 BCE

During this time, most intelligent life was primitive. Some species began to evolve in this period. Like the Aldorians and Rodaun. Rodaun are believe to have appeared around 560 000 BCE while the Aldorians appeared 320 000 BCE.

Rodaun Era

  • 50 000 BCE - 300 BCE

The only effective nation ever to have existed in this period were Rodaun, from which the Galaxy takes it's name. They reached control over a third of the Galaxy but quickly died out due to their own demise. It is believe civil wars began through independent movement, shortages of food and others made Rodaun fall into oblivion. Rodaun were the first ancient artifacts ever found by Aldorians and Humans alike, giving it's name to the Galaxy. They controlled the opposite side to where the Aldorians were born. This meant that they grew isolated from Rodaun success.

Aldorian Expansion

The Aldorians were a sapient species that began to devellop about 320 000 BCE as an intelligent species, although precursors of the Aldorians already existed around 1 million years BCE. By the early year 14 000 CE, they began developping an archaic culture and did not reach space till the 25 000 CE. However, they did not colonized off worlds, till the early 35 800 CE. Achieving control of their system by 36 400 CE. The formation of off-world nations did not occur till 37 000 CE.

Human Arrival

First deep exploration of the Galaxy began in the 38,540 CE (18 374 ALD), by Imperial authorities, with several missions launch. It wasn't until the 42,446 CE that human ships first visited the nearby Galaxy. The Union also started its own exploration program into the Galaxy in 56,210 CE and by 60,450 CE the Lewis Federation and the United Alliance had also join. The Republic of Sion, joined much later in 76,344 CE.

It wasn't until 62 466 CE that the first colony was established in Rodaun, in the Planet Aira, after Hyperdrive was greatly improved and allowed human travelers to travel faster and expand quicker, improving communication among Galaxies. Soon other powers from the Lewis Galaxy expanded into Rodaun, being this Galaxy a trying and improving start point for the Intergalactic expansion that was about to follow in those nation's history. Although settlement was sparse at the time. Massive colonization of the Galaxy started in between 36 000 CE and 45 000 CE.



The main human powers in this Galaxy are the Empire of Mankind, the Union, the United Alliance and the Intergalactic Federation and to a lesser extend the Republic of Sion. The first to arrive into the Galaxy was the Empire of Mankind in 42,466 CE establishing its first colony in Aira. Soon the Union and the Federation followed and later on the United Alliance and the Republic of Sion also join the new frontier exploration and settlement, although it wasn't until 50,000 CE that expansion into this galaxy became important. The Second in line to the Throne of the Empire, is usually given command of Rodaun as a second title. The current governor is Thardos Tarnos.


They have settled about a 14% of the Galaxy. By 64,996 CE, the Aldorians established several colonies on the other side of Rodaun, mainly from the Aldorian Dominium, the Aldorian High Kingdom and the Aldorian Confederacy.


The Klakhun are a local species from this Galaxy, they have only expanded into Rodaun and are known for being of a secretive nature, not allowing the Humans and others to intervene in their affairs. They inhabits mostly the central core of the Galaxy. Although commerce exist between them and the other species in the Galaxy, entrance of any other species into their space is forbidden. If any ship enters their space, it is immediately shot down. This cause several tension between Aldorians and Humans with the Klakhun, due to different incidents happening in their space. This has halted Aldorian raids among the Klakhun, although sometimes the Aldorian Assembly of Clans manages to do some quick unnoticed raids in their space, selling Klakhun slaves to the Aldorian High Kingdom as an expensive commodity due to their rarity and difficulty to get.


The Assor are a lesser evolved species, that have just started its expansion into nearby planets. They are peaceful to humans but are frequently at war with the Aldorians, especially the Aldorian High Kingdom and the Aldorian Assembly of Clans, since they hunt them for slave force.


The Krizik expanded into this Galaxy as well, especially the Krizik Regime and the Krizik Stratocracy from their home galaxy.