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"Rose-Wood is certainly a show stopper of a tree. Walking the Path of Rubies has got to be one of my favorite moments during my journey. But sadly, like most beautiful things in life, they're usually few and far between."-William Tancard's: Havenborne Flora illustrated.


The Rose-Wood, also known as "Ruby-Wood," "Crimson-Wood," or: " Blood Wood" is an uncommon form of tree native to various landmasses on Haven, though it is most prevalent in the One Wood of the continent of Zazriel and the island of Bloodmoore. They are famed for the crimson-red coloring of both its wood, and its leaves, hence its name, thanks to this, they are held in extreme cultural standing with the native inhabitants of Haven, as such the cutting down of the Rose-Wood tree is extremely taboo, though not legally prohibited.


Rose-Wood trees are one of the most unique families of trees native to planet Haven, holding many traits only known to them. Unlike most trees of Haven, the Rose-Wood are almost entirely uniform in height, girth, and volume. The maximum height for nearly all Rose-Wood trees is around sixteen feet, making forests of the tree seem fairly short compared to other forests across Haven. Their wood isn't incredibly durable, only taking around two hundred and fifty-two pounds per square inch to break its structure, making it not recommended to use it in the construction of important structures.

Typically, a Rose-Wood will take thirty standard years to fully mature, and due to their fairly low acorn production rate, with around three acorns produced per standard year, they are fairly uncommon and do not spread very far. In areas where they are known to inhabit, they are usually clustered together in small forests. Their leaves are incredibly soft, almost feeling like silk, and like the Haven Pine tree family, these leaves fall extremely often, with one tree losing up to a hundred leaves per standard day. However, the Rose-Wood's respective leaves grow extremely quickly, with a new leaf fully maturing in just two standard hours, making each individual Rose-Wood tree a leaf production machine.


Do to the cultural significance the Rose-Wood tree has in many areas of Haven, its usage in construction is used to an absolute minimum, as well as the wood itself being fairly weak. Instead, Rose-Wood is most typically used in private gardens, or tree farms, with individuals attempting to keep a large selection of the tree.

Certain species of terrestrial fauna, typically mammals thought this can vary, will often use the incredibly soft leaves as bedding for a nest, making it as comfortable as a luxurious bed. As the leaves are fairly small individually, an animal looking to use them as a nest would need to have a fair amount of them.