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"One of the most morbid looking trees Haven has to offer, the Rot Wood tree always gave me an inescapable sense of dread whenever I came across one. The land in which they grow also shares the same atmosphere as they do, making various swamps feel like one is walking through a diralect and forgotten cemetery. Despite that, one can find beauty in the faded-grey coloring they have, as they are easy and soothing to observe."-William Tancard's: Haveborne Flora illustrated.


The Rot Wood Tree, also known as the "Dead Tree," is a very common species of tree that is found in swamps, bog lands, marshes, and certain damp forests, with a global population of around five hundred billion individual trees. Their name comes from their physical appearance, making one look like a dead and rotting tree. They are most famous for being one of the longest living species of tree found on planet Haven, having an average life span of around twenty thousand standard years, as well as being one of the oldest species of tree to evolved during Haven's early regrowth period.


As the name suggests, the Rot Wood tree appears as if it is the carcass of a long dead tree. However they couldn't be anymore alive and healthy, often times being more healthy then more aesthetically pleasing species' of tree. The wood that comprises their structure is very durable, taking around two thousand pounds per square inch to break its structure, slightly less then that of Haven Oak Trees. They are almost always fairly short, usually growing at a maximum height of around twenty-five feet, though in more uncommon cases they are known to grow up to forty feet, however these are few and far between.

Usually, it will take a Rot Wood tree around fifty standard years to fully grow, and as previously stated, they live for an enormous amount of time, making them usually the oldest individual trees one will find on Haven. They will typically grow in a crooked and slightly slanted manner, making it appear as if the tree is at risk of falling over. As a Rot Wood tree grows, it will constantly create new branches, making older Rot Wood trees appear like a giant bush of branches, obscuring the main trunk of the tree they are apart. These branches will often times grow inside one another, as well, they will commonly fall off, leaving the bottoms of a Rot Wood tree look like a debris field.


Due to their commonality, as well as the sturdy makeup of their wood, the Rot Wood tree are typically used in the construction of buildings, furniture, walls, and so on in settlements located in or near swamps, marshes and bog lands, leaving the structures of said settlement appearing with a dead greyish coloring, leading to many painting their homes to have more aesthetically pleasing colors. With their large numbers, the Rot Wood serve as one of the most populace resources at the planet's disposal, with almost every city located within areas they grow using it as a fundamental pillar of their resource consumption.

Along with intelligent individuals, many species of flora and fauna use the Rot Wood tree. Typically, various species of moss can be seen growing on the sides of the tree, gathering water the tree itself gathers and vice versa, forming a symbiotic relationship between them. Along with this, many species of birds native to swamps, marshes, and bog lands make their respective nests on the many branches of the Rot Wood tree. As well, various species of insects also make their home within the trunks of the Rot Wood tree, creating large elaborate nests throughout the length of it and towards its respective branches.