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The Rove system is a binary one, made of Rove A, a white star and Rove B, a red dwarf star. This system is located inside the Lewis Galaxy in Herschel Space, and belongs to the Lewis Nation known as the Empire of Mankind. This system is also at the heart of the Haiva nebula, a region within the empire who's turbulence for navigation has made the system quite defendable as getting in and out is easily controlled.

The system has the planet Arkanon as the center of it, while most of the system is relatively not well populated. Only few worlds here and there are well inhabited. Most of the remaining consist in floating cities and domes.

Rove AB

Rove AB planetary system.jpg

Only 2 planets orbit both suns. They do it so far away that both are considered to be frozen worlds. However, they serve as strategical locations to control the system in and out. This worlds hold the largest space port as well as a large military base.

  • Sataril: A gas world, with several moons. It harbours some mining activities as well as holding a large Military base. The whole population of the base is 2 billion people while the mines around it account for 1 billion more.
  • Kurpe: A rocky world, it holds mostly the space port as well as smaller mining outpost. The total population is less than 200 million.

Rove A

This warm sun has made most of the system really hot, most specially the Gas planet of Folok which has warm gases orbiting around making mostly an uninhabitable place (even for domes). Out of the 6 planets orbiting Rove A, 3 are gas giants and 3 are rocky worlds.

Rove A system.jpg

Rove B

Most of the system is made out of gas giants. The Rove B system holds as much as 11 planets, of which up to 6 are gas giants.

Rove B System

It's the center of the Rove system with 54 billion souls. It is as well one of the most populous worlds within the Haiva Nebula region. It is the home of House Prim and the center of some of the most brilliant scientists in the nation.