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"The Ruby Blossom. The flower of folklore and song, with its pleasant aroma enticing all who smell it, it's no wonder it has left its mark on Haven culture as much as it has. Though personally, I've never been too big of a fan of it, but I guess the whole world's people can't be wrong, can they?"-William Tancard's: Haveborne Flora illustrated.


The Ruby Blossom is an extremely common species of rosaceae (rose) flowers found all across Haven's temperate forests, plains and grasslands, with a theorized global population of around two trillion individual flowers in the world. Due to their commonality, they have become a very famous piece of Haven's world wide culture, appearing in countless pieces of cultural art and iconography, as well as being one the most purchased living organisms on the planet. They have an average lifespan of around thirty standard years.


The Ruby Blossom baseline physical appearance is comprised of a singular large stem extending from the ground, with many sharp thorns protruding across it, which are used to deter any small species of fauna that would wish to eat upon it. Located across this stem, many green colored leaves are grow in random patterns, forming thick bushes with other nearby Ruby Blossom stems. At the top of the stem, the main Ruby Blossom flower grows, initially forming as a bud, and as Haven's spring comes into affect, the bud will blossom, forming the piercing red flower. The flower themselves share a universal hue of bright crimson, but as the individual Ruby Blossom flower ages, its color will begin to darken, creating a faded maroon coloring.

The pedals of a Ruby Blossom flower have a velvety and soft texture to them, making the flower feel like well felted cloth. As well, they produce an extremely powerful and perfume-like smell from themselves, which the flower uses to entice pollinating insects to the respective flower. As winter comes about, the Ruby Blossom flower will begin to retract itself back into the stem, forming into a bud once more, and with the eve of spring, the flower will blossom anew.


Ruby Blossoms are most commonly used as ornamental plants, usually grown in large outdoor gardens, as well as some indoor areas. The aroma produced by the Ruby Blossom flower is the most famed aspect of the flower, with many growing the flower to make their respective residence smell good. As well, many types of perfume often use ground-up Ruby Blossom pedals to replicate their pleasing aroma.

As the smell produced by the Rose Wood Blossom flower's pedals are meant to entice small pollinating insects to them, many of said species feed off of the nectar produced by the flower, pollinating it in the process. Along with insects, several species of herbivore mammals and birds often times feed on the flower itself, as well as the many leaves that grow along its stem.