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The 100th Millennium Wiki holds a rather simple and easy-to-follow set of guidelines, which are expected to be followed on the wiki, as well as the Discord. Repeated violations of these rules, or violations of major rules, may warrant a block from the wiki and/or punishment on the Discord. Users which immediately and intentionally ignore rules will be removed without hesitation. Users are also expected to consistently overlook guidelines for articles, lore, and similar.

1: Respect: Users are advised to show respect towards other staff, users, and their works. Harsh commentary, insults to other users, vandalism. and similar activity permits the use of punishment. Users who simply join to insult or demean others or vandalize will be blocked with no hesitation.

2: Fictionality: The 100th Millennium Wiki setting is entirely fictional, with fully fictional galaxies and worlds. Users may draw inspiration or subtle parallels to the real world. You may also draw from real world cultures and languages. Any content which directly relates to the real world (objects, people, nations, etc) will be detected and action will be taken immediately.

3: Article Quality: Articles are expected to be placed in the bounds of the rules, as well as the Lore guidelines. Violation of these, intentional or not, permits action by the staff team. If content is believed to be low quality, or breaks the lore, users may alert the staff

4: Off-Topic Content: Under no circumstance should off topic content, especially 'joke articles' or similar, be written anywhere on the wiki. The same applies to user comments, and usage of the message wall/discussion board feature.

5: Controversy: Completely refrain from using ongoing real world controversies on the 100th Millennium Wiki. Users are expected to not implement such in any of their works, including comments, messages on message walls, and the discussion board.

6: Article Permissions: Articles are treated as if it is the property of the user. Under minimal circumstances should articles be edited without permission. It is expected that users ask active authors of articles for permission to edit. However, instances such as grammar mistakes, breakage of lore, or weekly removals may allow users to edit articles under staff guidance. Staff may also pass larger edits on articles, such as missing templates, categories, or general community agreement. These are rare, and staff will typically ask authors to add such content instead.

7: Plagiarism: In the event of a user copying content from other articles, deleted articles, or other communities, they will be subject to a single warning before action is taken. Using copyrighted content, especially that which is derived from pop culture or major sources of media, will result in immediate action. Inspiration from any source should also be more mellow.

8: Lore: While reading up on the lore is not a strict requirement, it is most definitely recommended in order to make sure that user pages remain accurate with the flow. Pages which fall out of lore use are tagged and placed in a for staff and users to evaluate.

9: Stubs: In their completed state, articles are expected to have more than a paragraph or two of information. Exceedingly short articles, called stubs, are not allowed if there are no plans to expand them in a timely manner. One can should coalesce stub articles into larger articles rather than delete them.

Rule Violations

Offenses excluding blatant trolling, spamming, or vandalism do not result in an immediate ban. If a user violates a rule, in the wiki or Discord, the staff team will alert you and clarify the ruleset. If breakage of rules is repeated or otherwise deliberate, it will most likely result in a temporary or permanent ban. It is advised that users should occasionally re-read on the rules, lore, and general guidelines for the wiki and the Discord.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.