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The S'aka civilization is the most advanced of the ancient civilizations to have ever inhabited the Herschel Space. They arose from the Lewis Galaxy and lived in a very ancient period, between 8 million BCE and 6 million BCE. They settled in the Rodaun, Iskadi, Kevenam and barely touched Avana. They seem to have quickly abandonned that galaxy.

They originated in the world of An'kos, who some believed to be the world of Thelus, the world of Meldan and some have speculated about the world of Orbion. This are based on finding found on such worlds of the S'aka who indicate their ancient presence. In fact those planet have the most ancient artifacts of the S'aka ever found by humanity (as well as very numerous), and thus why this worlds are believed by Xeno-historians and Xeno-Archeologist to be the origin of this ancient civilization. Regarding of it, all those worlds are among the first to have been settled by the S'aka for sure. Probably on their very early stages of space colonization.

They ceased to exist in the Universe, or the known Universe and seem to have "Ascended" to a place. It seems they reached such high amounts of technological advancement that they moved to a different dimension or plane of existence higher than the material universe. The nature of this is very unknown and seems like Humanity is too far off yet to understand fully the nature of this Ascention. Most of the civilizations living under the umbrella of the S'aka ascended with them. All life intelligent enough to have advanced tribal societies was peacefully united to the S'aka Compound and jointly ascended.

What is more fascinating is the actual easiness of the S'aka to avoid war and conflict and manage to unite all forms of life at the time, regardless of their morals, cultures, ideals etc... to join them and finally to ascend to the unknown. The exact day of the Ascention is still shrouded in mistery but Xeno-Archeologist see a complete disappearance of the records. As if they had just vanished out of thin air.


S'aka Origins

The S'aka arose from the world of An'kos, located somewhere within the Imperial Territorial area, most like the Imperial Nephos Arm. Experts do not agree on either Thelus, Orbion or Meldan as the center of their species but one of this three worlds are strong candidates either as their homeworld or their first colonized worlds outside their own. During 8 million BCE and 7.8 million BCE the S'aka seemed to have been low key players in the Galaxy, expanding from world to world slowly..

War and massive change.

  • 7 800 000 BCE - 7 700 000 BCE // 7 780 000 BLD - 7 680 000 BLD

A massive conflict seemed to have occur in between 7.8 million BCE and 7.7 million BCE which radically altered their culture and approach to existence. After this period, an enourmous expansionist process takes place and the S'aka seem to have become more homogenous culturally and all have adhere to the famous S'aka teachings which origins are a mistery still to this day as the S'aka considered them very sacred to post them in stone. However, vague references have made it through to the archeological records and they seemed to be around empathy, understanding and community as well as phylosophic thoughts of the nature of life, death and change. This are ideas taken from small bits of archeological text found all across the vast areas they lived in.

Expansion and Unification with other species.

  • 7 700 000 BCE - 7 300 000 BCE // 7 680 000 BLD - 7 280 000 BLD

In between 7.7 and 7.3 million BCE the S'aka absorbed into their nation their first big nation and thus their state became polyspecies. Ever since then, the culture and ways of the S'aka would catapult massively through joined expansionism and proselitism to other species growing in numbers exponentially.

In this period between 7.5 to 6.5 million BCE, massive technological advancement took place with gigantic constructions of hyperlanes that connected the disparity of places within the different areas of the galaxy followed by the creation of artificially control portals made of black matter. And the S'aka seemed to have achieved great understanding of this aspect of the cosmos at an early age as well as of black holes. This was an aspect crucial to their famous "Transendancy" which most believed to have been a massive transfer of life to a higher plane of existence and that the teachings talked about this matter in a very convincing way as other species like the Yiopiko and the Hassyze who were warrior and xenophobic in nature, switch completely to adhere to the S'aka and their teachings and later transcend with them.


  • 6 003 000 BCE - 6 000 000 BCE // 5 983 000 BLD - 5 980 000 BLD

Sometime in 6 million BCE, the S'aka and all the species that lived alongside them, which have been accounted as surpassing 300 to 400, ascended all together at once. The exact moment of this is believed to have happened in between the years 6 003 000 BCE and the year 6 000 000 BCE, which means a margin of error of 3 000 years on average, which is still a lot. Further archeological remains need to be studied to shortened this. It seems that somewhere in this time, the S'aka and other species have got a tendency to group together in certain places and completely abandonned some of the least inhabited planets. However, this is contradictory because many sparsely populated worlds with tribe-like life were also part of the ascention and did not participate in the population transfers. So its seems that this had a willing factor which seems to indicate that the population of those worlds volontarily abandonned their planets to settled in others rather than being forced to leave.

Discovery of S'aka records and remains

The first encounter took place in Elpida, looking for presence of ancient civilizations in the archeological record. It seems that at some time, a S'aka colony existed in Elpida. It even seemed to be some sort of spiritual retirement as well as a center of commerce. However, the remains are few and scattered. It wasnt until the study of the historical records of Pax and Mitra that a more specific study of the ancient pass resurfaced. Specially the presence of elaborated S'aka writings.

The alphabet was decoded in the year 23 100 CE (2 934 ALD), when in the world of Haldar, a massive collection of texts was found. It was a set of conmemorative texts who were crucial to decoding their alphabet. In 23 276 CE (3 110 ALD), all text found to date were decoded, allowing for xenohistorians and xenoarcheologist to have a full picture of the S'aka and their importance in the ancient cosmos.

The first uncontested skeleton of a S'aka was retrieved in 23 188 CE (3 022 ALD) from the world of Isolda and was compared to ilustrative pictures of ancient S'aka to determine historically, genetically and archeologically without a shadow of doubt that this was the squeleton of a S'aka which before had only been seen depicted.


The S'aka proper were tall creatures, with four arms and two legs. They were humanoid and seemed to have had reddish skin and scamous skin. They seem to have arose from a vegetarian or omnivourus species. Either if omnivourus at start, they became largely vegetarian with time. They wore long white robes made of silver linen of Yukiburi, a sort of cotton linen of unknown origin (some think native to Orbion) who was widespread all across the Lewis Galaxy and beyond and was a supply crop that survive in many of the worlds where it was exported.


The S'aka are believed to have integrated thousands of species all over the main galaxies of the Herschel Space. They took them all under their win in a sort of federation of friendship, as it was once called in the S'aka language.