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The Sürunen are a Human Mutant Sub-Species, that evolved on the planet Fasia, in the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy.

Perhaps the most distant from their Human ancestry, the Sürunen are a reptilian humanoid people who inhabit the deserts of Azresh and Kezkarzak around the equitorial regions of Fasia. Like all the Fasian sub-species, they underwent rapid evolution due to the unique properties of Fasia. In the case of the Sürunen, they evolved repitian charictaristics, including scaled skin, elongated snouts, and tails.

Sürunen civilization is based around various "Houses", which are akin to monopolies on certain aspects of society. For example, the House of War will raise soildiers, armies, navies and the likes, while the House of Hammer will be in charge of the construction of various cities and the likes. Overall ruler of their society is the House of the Electorate, which all the Houses elect several members of their House to join. This ensures that there is no favouritism to anyone House, and that all ranges of expertise are considered.

There are several dozen houses that a Sürunen is capable of joining. Each one of these Houses has tales of honour and glory, which makes joining any of them a valuable contribution to the Sürunen civilization.

One of the more isolationist of the Fasian species, the Sürunen kept to themselves, not intergrating very often with the other Fasian species, and being hostile to any who attempted to approach their vast desert empires.

In spite of this, they were not completely isolated, and would engage in trade from selected trading forts, such as Qarrash, Yatrash, Bakatan, Vokshar and Zanzmarsh. These were often handled by the House of Trade, who would also take control of the diplomatic measures with the other civilizations along Fasia.

The Sürunen were the most hesitant to join The Commune Federation when it arrived on Fasia of all the species on the planet. Indeed, the House of War at one point even launched what it called a "Defensive strike in the name of the Sürunen people" against the Federation delegation. This went against the wishes of the House of the Electorate, which did not seek to provoke a conflict with such an advanced foe. After the House of War's strike was defeated with only a handful of casualties, the House of the Electorate found itself impressed with the restraint and effectiveness of a united fighting force, and opted to join as an observer species. Several years later, they were inducted into the Federation as full members, and have been invaluable in many colonization processes, and conflicts that have faced the Federation.

Physical Appearence and Anatomy

Sürunen Traditional Faris (Night) from the House of War

The Sürunen are the most distinctly difference Human sub-species on Fasia, in both appearence and anatomy. they have evolved to a point where they don't even look quite Human. They have scales in place of skin, which are either red or blue. These scales both serve as living armour, and as protection from the sun in their deserts.

Sürunen also possess elongated snouts that make them look more reptilian. Their snouts are lined with sharp teeth and long thin tounges. Their eyes are capable of working independently of one another. Some Sürunen are capable of growing hair, a leftover trait of their Human ancestory. All Sürunen also have a tail. They are capable of controlling that tail as though it were a limb. The strtength of the tail varies from individual to individual./

They are not a cold blooded species like many lizard species are. Insteadm they are still warm blooded. This means that they must still take precautions when it comes to the heat.

Culture and Customs

As with all species, there is no singular Sürunen culture, and that culture varies from location to location, and from planet to planet. There are however, a few customs that are universal within the Sürunen.


The Sürunen base their society on their House system. House systems tend to be based on the skills that an individual Sürunen possesses. For example, if they demonstrate considerable intelligence, they will be refered to the House of Intellectuals. The Sürunen are raised communally in order to determine the charictaristics that they demonstrate, and in order to segment them into these Houses. In order to leave a House and join another they desire, they have to demonstrate considerable skill in the fields that their chosen House engages in. If this is done, they may be transfered to that House.

Honour and Glory

The Sürunen hold concepts of honour and glory, typically around the contributions that they have made to their Houses. For example, the publishing of an academic book may be seen as a sign of honour for someone in the House of Intellectuals, and that book being very pivotal in that field of research would be seen as an honour. This logic applies to most Houses, with many Sürunen competing with one another to attain individual honour and glory.

Conversely, hindering the progress or acheivements of the House is seen as dishoonourable. Due to the societal expectations within the Sürunen communities, these prevent a majority of Sürunen from outright sabotaging their competition.